Opening Post

Hello everyone.

Finally! My first official opening post for ‘Scape Smart. Over the next couple of days I’ll get my blog off to a good start with a series of new posts and what I’ve been up too. I’ll be talking about the June updates that are sure to come along with some other things. Also, every Friday I’ll be posting my ‘weekly tip’, a little bit of Runescape expertise which you might not have known of. Anything from tips about fighting lag to best skilling spots.

Make sure you subscribe to get every new post instantly emailed to your inbox, and also subscribers will have a chance to win prizes along the way. Woohoo! All email address will be kept confidential and not given out.

I can’t wait to get this blog underway, stick around!


2 thoughts on “Opening Post

  1. ThatTrueEvil

    Hello there! Welcome to (admittedly small) RuneScape WordPress community! I look forward to meeting more veteran players of RuneScape like you here.

    I look forward to meeting you in-game (ThatTrueEvil is my RuneScape display name) as well as for your own blog posts. Best of luck to you! =)


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