An Introduction to Ar-Kelvar

I’ve been a player since May 25th, 2009, for almost my whole playing career I was known as: ‘topgun1129’ and played nothing but f2p. Only since this Christmas have I’ve become a member and giving my name a much needed change to ‘Ar-Kelvar’ (king of the fauna in Elvish written by J. R. R. Tolkien author of Lord of the Rings). In my free years I made many accomplishments, one of which was the 1k total level, everyone of them gained in the free game.

Since Christmas I’ve played 4 months of membership and of course loved it, (although I’ll always miss f2p ;)). In the future I won’t be strictly playing with members, I don’t mind playing f2p for a little while between membership stints and enjoy the feel of the free worlds. I would call myself a casual gamer, I rarely ‘no-life’ a skill to get it up but work on them slowly along the way.

Those are the basics of how I play and I’ll share with you my levels, not that you care. 😉 All these skills are based upon June 1th, 2013, I’ll share updates to my levels along the way though.


Total Level: 1,590 (29,431,720 xp)

Attack: 76

Defence: 76

Strength: 76

Constitution: 79

Ranged: 75

Prayer: 65

Magic: 72

Cooking: 73

Woodcutting: 81

Fletching: 59

Fishing: 70

Firemaking: 69

Crafting: 61

Smithing: 70

Mining: 99 (13,073,916 xp)

Herblore: 46

Agility: 58

Thieving: 43

Slayer: 47

Farming: 46

Runecrafting: 66

Hunter: 32

Construction: 43

Summoning: 46

Dungeoneering: 62

So as you can tell I’m still quite new to being a member. I play daily, you can probably find me on sometime between mid morning and late afternoon (based upon Eastern Standered Time). No, I’m not much of a night player. I wont be posting updates about my skill levels very often, maybe once every 6 weeks or so, but I’ll keep you updated on my accomplishments along the way.


One thought on “An Introduction to Ar-Kelvar

  1. Bloody Hero

    some nice skills for having only switch to p2p not that long ago. feel free to add me in game if you like. Also like the layout of your blog. IGN- Bloody Hero


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