Behind the Scenes June: An Overview

I always look forward to the beginning of each month when Runescape comes out with the expected updates for the month. The Behind the Scenes for June which came out a day ago  is different, though, than those in its past. There were only two updates which they confirmed would make it into the live game during the month, usually there’s 4-6 new updates a month. However, later on in the article posted on the Runescape homepage Mod Mark mentioned that the development team were focusing their time on the Runescape 3 updates rather than smaller weekly updates. But depending on how the month would go, Mark gave a long list of possible updates which could come out for June or in the near future.

Many of them were very intriguing, I’ll run through some that really jumped out to me and discuss the possibilities they bring.

The Order of Ascension 

The Order of Ascension is one of the 2 guaranteed updates to come out this month. Basically Jagex is opening up a new slayer dungeon, specifically for rangers. Along with the new dungeon, Runescape will be introducing new lore which goes with the monsters within the dungeon. But what really stood out to me is that they are introducing new level 90 range weapons. Finally! I think the community had started to get a little bit restless waiting for new high level weapons. Melee and the Drygore weapons will no longer be completely stacked with the competition with the new Ascension Crossbow.

Epic World Events

“Seriously – these are amazing, and will change the future of RuneScape forever. I can’t wait to tell you more, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise.” Hmm, Epic World Events? This had better not be another timed event that happens every few hours, like sinkholes, demon flash mobs, and wilderness warbands. I’m going on the assumption that it is a community event that happens within the game world throughout the days. If this is true, to make it worth it, Jagex is going to need to work hard on it. Demon flash mobs are basically dead content on worlds with less than 1k players. As they say Epic World Events will “change the future of Runescape forever” this sounds God related, if not specifically Gods than just more lore. I can’t wait to see what they will come up with this, but I hope it won’t be similar to the other timed events throughout the world which most are dead on worlds with few players.

Upgraded Tool Belt with New Tools

A much needed update in my opinion. I can’t wait to see what new tools they will add, maybe low level weapons? Summoning equipment which you can then stock? What I am really hoping for is the allowance for higher level equipment. No high level player is using the bronze hatchet or pickax for extended times.

Loyalty Store Updates

FINALLY. Can we please have a little more competition with Solomon’s General Store? The current day Solomon’s General Store should be the Loyalty Store, if this was true Jagex would probably make more money by getting longer Membership subscriptions then those few players who spend extra money on SGS. Jagex needs to reward members more than those who are willing to throw their money at in-game buyables.

New Bank Interface

The current banking system is quite frustrating, I can’t wait for the new update. I hope it will allow for easier organization, hopefully we can group organize things based on purpose. Also maybe extent banking space? I don’t really see the real purpose behind bank space, maybe free players should have limited space, but why members?


That was less than half of the upcoming updates which are still in development. All of them sound like they are going to be a great addition to Runescape, I can’t wait to see what comes out this month.


One thought on “Behind the Scenes June: An Overview

  1. ThatTrueEvil

    The Order of Ascension:
    Very interesting. I agree about the point about level 90 Ranged weapons. However, I would like to see level 90 throwing or bows from that same update as well. If they gave every style of Melee to the Kalphite King, surely they could also add in the same for Ranged.

    Epic World Events:
    Yes! I agree! I don’t know a lot of people who likes the timed events like the Demon Flash Mobs, mostly from the terrible rewards from it. (The other timed events are pretty great, however) However, like you said, it may revolve around the lore and the Gods of Gielinor, so there’s still hope for it, yes.

    Upgraded Toolbelt:
    I’m not sure how this would work. However, I REALLY REALLY hope for the ability to remove items from the toolbelt with this. As you mentioned, adding low-leveled weapons to the belt can be a cool feature to have in this (but they’ll need to code it properly so it won’t be abused in situations like in Roving Elves).

    Loyalty Shop:
    Yeah, the Loyalty Shop isn’t that great of a shop. All it contains are some auras that don’t really do much in the grand scheme of the RuneScape experience (except for the effect auras… those are awesome to look at) and the admittedly awesome emotes. But that’s really all there is to the Shop. I agree that they need to make it at least on par with the SGS.

    New Bank Interface:
    Meh. I have no problems with the current bank interface as of now. An improvement would be welcome to see.

    For me, I’m mostly looking forward to the finale of the dwarf questline, new bosses, Construction rework, and Bringing Home the Bacon (chortle).


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