Q&A for HTML5

Yesterday Runescape announced on their homepage that they are having a Q&A with three Jmods on the topic of HTML5. Posts must be in by the 10th and on the 12th they will release a 3 minute video answering some of the players questions.

Its a bit odd the way they are going to handle this. Right now would be a perfect opportunity for a live streamed Q&A session on the topics of HTML5 and the new interface. Instead they are going to take the easy way out by answering a couple popular questions in a 3 minute video. In the fall for about 6 weeks Jagex was having weekly live Q&A streams, now there hasn’t been one for months. Hopefully right before the release of Runescape 3 they will have a live stream, I think its important for one with this big of an update coming up.

Aside from that, my main questions is: when can we expect Runescape 3? I’m guessing quite a few more months at least until its close to release. Last year Runescape released the Beta for EoC in late June/early July. The beta didn’t go live until, if I’m remembering correctly, late September. And with comparison with HTML5 the EoC beta seemed fairly straight forward and simple to release. What took the time for the EoC was adjusting stats for armors, weapons, abilities, and so on. But with HTML5 Jagex is dealing with new, nearly uncharted grounds. We’re talking about new technology, HTML5 is new grounds for browsers. Right now Chrome is the only browser who has implemented HTML5 the most. Its hard to work with technology like this and get all the kinks straightened out in a few months. Right now HMTL5 still runs with lag on most Beta testers, and this is after nearly 2 and a half months of updates and implements. Runescape is basically paving the way for HTML5 in gaming. With this in mind, I think it could be well into the fall before HTML5 is released.

It will be interesting to see how Runescape deals with all the big upcoming updates that make up Runescape 3; new interface, HTML5, and the new website. Will they be released all at the same time essentially? Or over a period of months? I’m guessing the new website will come first, shortly followed by the new interface, and then lastly HTML5. I could be wrong as I don’t know the progress Jagex has made for each of the 3 big updates since the release of the alphas and betas. But I’m willing to bet we still have a while to go before we see Runescape 3.


2 thoughts on “Q&A for HTML5

  1. ThatTrueEvil

    Jagex has stated last September that they’re planning to make RuneScape 3 one huge, collected update rather than an update here and an update there. With that said, however, I’m thinking that it will be delayed into the fall. After all. they did delay the EoC from September to November, so its not out of the question for a possibility of a delay.

    Who knows, though… RuneScape 3 could be released late August or somewhere in that timeframe. Personally, I’m just wishing the best for Jagex as of now. Their updates has been competent lately, and I’m looking forward to the latest batches of content served.

    1. Scape Smart Post author

      Hmm interesting, didn’t hear about them posting all the updates at once. I think the community would enjoy that better, although they wanted EoC spread out (wasn’t much to spread out in my opinion).


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