Clue Scrolls… Version 2?

A few hours ago Runescape released more information about the upcoming update scheduled for early next week… Triskelion Treasure. The update appears to be something along the lines of the player collecting 3 parts of a key. These pieces can be found in high level skilling activities. Once the 3 parts have been found they can be put together forming the whole key, once assembled players can then located the spot of the treasure. Rewards include some items on the rare side as well as some new hybrid armor.

Wait what? That sounds oddly familiar…. oh yeah, clue scrolls. Clue scrolls are found on high level monsters once found players can use the scroll to locate treasure which can then be acquired, giving the players rewards including rarer items and armors.  I’m not about to go bash Triskelion Treasure because it seems to have some good possibilities which they present but they are very similar to the current game clue scrolls. Mainly what I’m looking forward to is the new armor.

I’ve always been a fan of F2P, mostly because I spent 4 years there, nearly the entirety that I have played, and I enjoyed it. I loved it when free players got new content but didn’t mind what I had. The F2P world was always big enough for me, even after 4 years I still had countless hours left to play on the free worlds. Now I have my foot in both worlds, members and free, playing a little bit of both between memberships. So obviously I was excited when F2P got some new armor to deal with. I think its a good move by Jagex, F2P needs new armor, all we got at the higher levels are Batwing, Blue Dragon Hide, and Rune. All level 50 armor, not the most powerful armors to say the least. I know the new armor is still level 50 but its going to be alot different then the other level 50 gear.

First off, its hybrid. It will be nice to have a middle ground armor for F2P, something that has a little bit of everything. No doubt this armor will great for skilling combat levels in.

Secondly, this armor is going to be expensive. Right now I don’t know the drop rates of the key pieces but I’m willing to bet they are going to be very rare if its anything like the Clue Scrolls. And even when you have your full key formed your still not guaranteed the armor. First day of the release the armor will be selling for hundreds of millions of gp. After a couple weeks I’m guessing its going to sit in the 3m-7m range. F2P needed some new expensive armor, rune isn’t cutting it. For the higher level F2P players this will bring a whole new reason to go back into the wilderness. Right now pkers are risking around 50k in the wilderness with the protect item prayer, thats hardly worth fighting for. With this new armor, not only will it have an advantage in pking with its duel stats, but it will be worth alot of money making pkers go back to the wilderness.

Overall I think its going to be a great update, I’m looking forward to it and the new armor and the new possibilities it brings.

Here are some teaser images released by Runescape, not the most eye appealing armor ever, but I’ll take it. (Click to enlarge)




1 thought on “Clue Scrolls… Version 2?

  1. ThatTrueEvil

    I can see people hybriding more in the free game with this new armor, countering one’s chosen combat style with the other way of combat.

    About the process of getting armor, at least you don’t have to run around portals and getting misfired around them when you’re looking for that spot to dig. At least you don’t have to solve repetitive puzzles every time you open a puzzle box. I’m probably gonna spend more time with these than elite clue scrolls, if skilling is all you need to get these key fragments.


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