Why I Hate Clans

I’ve been in the same clan for roughly one and a half years. Its a great clan, the ranking system was invigorating you felt like you earned it each time you were promoted. Our owner of the clan was a leader, he knew how to deal with the issues that arose and kept people interested in the clan. Over the years I saw alot of really great players come into our clan and they, like me, rose through the ranking system and each one became a leader. Every time I logged on I was playing with these guys, sweating it out for the lvls, struggling to make money, finding awesome new ways for good xp. Everything. I saw some immature players who struggled in the clan rise to be leaders, and saw one or two leaders fall as well. It was a great clan, the best of all that I’ve been in so far, thats why I was loyal and stayed. It had its low points, but it had its high points, but this week was the lowest I’ve seen the clan.

Our clan owner wasn’t on all the time through the year and a half I was here. He had alot of stuff going on with his school, but he knew he could inactive from the clan for long periods of time if need be. He had a handful of extremely good ranked players who took charge and basically ran the clan. Finally though, pretty much all of the high ranked players had enough. They wanted the clan with an owner who was active and partook in the clan more often. Completely understandable. So they put their heads together and decided it was time to leave, to go out and try and start their own clan. So they did, that day we lost about 80% of all ranked players in our clan. Which wasn’t alot to begin with (about 5) but it was a huge loss. Our clan is rather big, little under 125 clanmates, but the problem is these are players that are inactive, players who joined Runescape, played f2p until they got bored, and then they moved on. Out of the 125 clanmates, about 30 log on weekly. The most I’ve seen the clan full at one time is probably about 10 players and that was rare. So when we lost our ranked players, we basically lost them all, and about half of our active users.

The reason I join clans is not to get ranked, not to become some amazing clan leader or anything like that. I play for the social aspect and I had that in the clan before everyone left. I spent a year playing the same game with the same guys.

So naturally with the division I was left in the middle. I didn’t initially leave the clan like the others because I didn’t know what to do and needed to speak with the clan owner. Suddenly that afternoon he was on, after about a 2 week dry spell. He had gotten the news and understood the change in heart from the others. I was basically the only high ranked player left in the clan which was active. We talked and it was clear he didn’t want me to leave, and I didn’t really want to leave so suddenly either. I didn’t want to walk out so quickly like the others, I felt that was dumping our owner with a clan which was falling apart. If I left, that would be pretty much all the ranked players who spent a year working hard in the clan to earn that rank, and it would be another year until others got to the same point as us. None of the remaining members seemed to want to be leaders though they just logged on to play the game and that was it.

I got the worst end of the straw really, our owner still had his clan, and my friends had their own clan going. I would have half of what I wanted with either way I would go. I felt like if I left my clan owner I’d lose a friendship there and would be the cheap way out. But if I stayed behind it would be different between me and the others. They would be working together doing their own thing, and I would be working together and doing my own thing, but not together like once before… it would be alot different than before.


I’m still not sure what choice I need to make. I feel like either choice I make I’ll lose something. For now though, I think I’ve made up my mind to stay behind for the time being. Help get our clan back on its feet while the others try and get their new clan on its feet. I’m not sure how long its going to take, but I hope that some players step up and take charge in our clan because we desperately need it. Its going to be a dead and dull clan if people don’t become leaders like me and the others did a year ago. I’ll help out my clan owner and see if we can get our clan back on track and then just spectate. Lay low with the decision making point and hopefully play my cards right. I would love to join the others, but I don’t want to leave my clan up for dead I think thats the cheap way out. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out, it won’t be the same anymore thats for sure. Its sad but it was going to happen and needed to happen either way.


2 thoughts on “Why I Hate Clans

  1. ThatTrueEvil

    This sounds a little bit like my current situation, except the co-leaders of my clan began thinking that the clan was going downhill and decided to leave to join another clan (a very large one, at that). One by one, the admins decided to just leave the clan, leaving only five people left in the clan, including myself, out of a previous ten to fifteen active members. I was left as the leader of the clan, with mostly friends sticking around the clan. Its funny when you think about it, in a weird sort of way. I’m hoping to rejuvenate the clan back to a decently-sized with around fifteen-twenty people who are all active. That said, it will be very hard to achieve, but I’m going to try the hardest I can.

    On the subject of your situation, I recommend sticking with your current clan. Even the bleakest times do go away in due time. I would know, because I had this sort of happen to me in the above example. Just hang in there and be there for support to your clan owner. Those other actives do have reasonable thoughts to leave at that notice, but that doesn’t mean you should follow in their footsteps. It’s going to be tough like you said, but I believe the end result, if you succeed, will be completely worth it.

    Either way, I wish you the best of luck, as always.


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