General Update

I have a few things that I would like to cover in this post, but I think I’ll start with what I’ve been up too and what my summer Runescapeing plans are.

I’ve come off a long 3-month stint of membership and decided to take the summer off from membership mostly because I won’t be getting my money’s worth. I’ll be gone half the month of July and am starting up a summer job next week, so I wont be getting a whole lot of playing time. However, I do have some accomplishments I would like to see myself get done before I get more membership in probably late July. I’m shooting to get my magic level up to 76 to even it out with my other combat stats. Aside from that I will most likely try to make a little bit of money through merching and some mining. So no drastic plans for the summer, mostly just some casual gaming as I get through the busy summer months.


Runescape recently nerfed the Warbands. It was long in coming, I think everyone expected a nerf but not in the way they actually did it. It wasn’t a direct reduction of the experience gains, instead they made all Warbands go active every 7 hours, as well as gave a gather cap of 1000 resources per Warband. They made a few other changes as well, such as pkers can now get resources from killed players, and anyone who logs out to change worlds will lose their looted experience crates. Some of the changes are good and make Warbanding more enjoyable, such as the 1000 resource cap and the ability to loot off of dead players. What I really didn’t like is the 7 hour change. Whats the point in that? I don’t see any real benefit or need to delay each Warband for 7 hours. I’m hoping this will be changed in the future because right now its really taken the worth out of Warbands. I’ll be updating my guide with these updates in mind this week as well.


Today while I was doing some mage training I was going through some Runescape Youtube videos, as I like to keep tabs on some of my favorite video producers for Runescape. In one video though someone in the comments had posted a video link to what they were claiming to be another petition to bring back post 07 severs and pre EoC. Apparently a Youtuber had messaged the Runescape channel and asked about the possibility to bringing back servers before EoC. Runescape had responded saying that it was a possibility although some parts of the game were missing in their saved database and they would have to reproduce it. That was basically the extent of the message but it was enough to get everyone excited. One of the big mistakes I saw with the release of the 07 servers was giving the community what they wanted after Jagex had stood firm on the fact that they would not bring back old servers. Jagex stepped down and gave what was a whining community their way. It was a big mistake. Sure Jagex should listen to their community, I fully support that, but for years Jagex had said they were sticking with the main game and that was that. Then suddenly they come out with a post saying that 07 will be coming back. Now the Runescape community believes that if they whine about something long enough and hard enough they will get it- even if its not for the good of the current game.

Its unbelievable, players are willing to sink their time into something that would personally enhance their gaming experience at the expensive of splitting the community and slowing down any progress in the live game. If they want something hard enough and whine and make a big deal out of it they think they will get it in the end. Thats what happened for 07 so why not bring back a new server for the game after every year? We can have a whole game timeline! We can have ’07 scape, ’08 scape, ’09 scape,  ’10 scape, ’11 scape, and ’12 scape so everyone is happy. Players need to learn to adjust and to enjoy what they have. Sure I hate some updates Jagex released, I hate the Squeal of Fortune, I wasn’t a big fan of the lodestones, I felt they took too long to deal with gambling, but I didn’t let each one of those personal letdowns destroy the game for me. I’m not going to love every update Jagex comes out with but when they do come out I’ll get used to them and continue to accept the change. The player base in 07 and in the EoC needs to accept the changes Jagex is making and adapt to them and move on. Jagex needs to be changing the game constantly to keep up with the current MMO market, if the game stayed in the ’07-’10 era they would be bankrupt by now.

I hope this new flair in petition for pre EoC servers is not taken into consideration for Jagex. For the success of this game Jagex needs to be focusing on the future and not the past.


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