Campfire Q & A: What I Got Out Of It

Instead of doing a live stream question and answer about Runescape 3 Jagex went with a ‘Campfire Q&A’. Players could post questions in the forum and receive posted answers about them.

I scrolled through and read all the responses the Jmods made in their 12 page long post. Many were great questions and got some good answers. I even got my own question answered:


I’ve seen posts about this on the forums from time to time but nothing really comes of it. Its a feature any MMO needs. The messaging systems in-game are already limited as they are, but not being able to message offline players really clinches it. I’m glad I got my question answered, just to put a seed in Jagex ears about it. As I said the NIS would be a great opportunity to integrate something like that into the game. However, it looks like it could be another year until Jagex does something about it.

Many of the questions asked when Runescape 3 was coming out. The Jmods gave a firm answer of ‘most likely July’ which is sooner than I expected. Another large amount of the questions asked what kind of specs were needed to be able to fully support HTML5 on high graphics. The Jmods stated that any desktop computer bought within a few years would have the ability to do so (also dependent upon the type of internet connection though) but it seemed that laptops were a bit more iffy. It sounded like an i5 core processor and better was recommended. I play on a 2 year old Windows 7 computer with an i3 processor. Bummer. Hopefully I can at least play with the longer draw distances right?

It also sounds like the NIS will be coming out for free players to test soon. I’m not sure about HTML5, there was no question about that. Some players also asked about whats coming after the huge Runescape 3 update and they didn’t really want to give it away. There are going to be ‘epic world events’ or thats what they are calling it, which sounds like it will give the player an opportunity to change Gielinor themselves. In addition, it sounds like some quests will be coming out as well in the fall.

Overall the Q & A was what the community needed. Reading through the questions and answers really drove home for me just how big of an update this will be. Jagex has been working with the HTML5 for nearly 2 years and have been developing the NIS since Christmas. This is going to be a massive update and I think its safe to say the game will never be the same again. For the better of course, who doesn’t want longer draw distances, an interface which players can fully customize, enhanced graphics over the whole world, new website along with seasonal highscores?


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