Updated Toolbelts Good or Bad?

This week the toolbelt finally gets an upgrade. Players will soon be able to add high level gear to the toolbelt to make skilling easier as dragon skilling equipment may be added, but not removed once added. At this moment I can’t really see how this feature could be abused. It will make pking skillers in the wilderness alot less worthwhile since most of their gear would be safe in their toolbelts. As I haven’t been a member for that long and haven’t done a lot of quests or been to all the locations I can’t say for sure this will be a good update. I’m sure players along the way will find instances where they can abuse the new system but Jagex will probably patch it along the way. I personally am looking forward to this update.

What do you guys think, any thoughts on this?


2 thoughts on “Updated Toolbelts Good or Bad?

  1. ThatTrueEvil

    Well, about the whole “skilling in the Wilderness is a lot less risky now”, do remember that 99.9% of the time, people have Protect Item available to them. Yeah, with no armor on, a skiller could die within a few seconds and not have the prayer on in that same time frame. But those with quick reflexes can get away and pretty much only lose their resources they gathered. Overall, it just makes Mining and Woodcutting more streamlined, although I don’t like how all tools below rune will be completely useless to players.

    1. Scape Smart Post author

      True, I guess it doesn’t take away a whole lot of wealth. Although having a rune tool saved regardless of death the player can use his protection prayer on another valuable item like ore, loot, equipment, etc, which would have been dropped otherwise.


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