More Lodestones More Mistakes

I’ll be honest. I’m not a fan of the current lodestone network, and even less thrilled with the planned update to bring Runescape 7 more lodestones.

Before lodestones I didn’t mind the teleporting systems. Sure there were some gaps and a good handful of teleports were basically unknown, but I didn’t mind an occasional 5 minute walk/run to my destination. As a rookie it helped me understand the world of Runescape and find little hidden spots that those using teleports usually would miss. With the first adaption with lodestones it made the world feel a whole lot smaller. Some of the most popular spots were now only a 10 second teleport animation away. Most of the other means of teleportation were unused and unneeded. Now with another 7 added to the game its only going to contribute to this even more. 

People are worried that Runescape is going to feel alot smaller with HTML5 as it will have a draw distance more than doubled. With the new lodestones its only going to make it feel smaller. I don’t really mind that whole aspect, but what I don’t like is the unneeded ease it gives to the game. With only a handful of lodestones many skills are now easier than they need to be. Sure travel is only one part of a skill, but when your going for a 99 lodestones cut countless hours. The other part I don’t like is that now other means of teleportation before the lodestones are nearly practically unneeded. Teleport spells, enchanted jewelry, scepters, spirit trees, fairy rings, teleport tablets, teleport scrolls, quest items, npcs, summoning familiars, brooms, rugs, and a good handful of other teleport devices will lose their value with more lodestones. Sure they will be still used but way less than before. 

Instead of adding lodestones Jagex needed to revamp the teleport methods already in the game. Make them more accessible and more valuable, and maybe add a few more teleport spells to different locations. That was all Jagex needed to do, but instead they’ve made it time free and gp free to travel to 22 different locations. Thats alot of places thats only 10 seconds away….


With the new update players will now be able to go to the following places via lodestones:


Eagle’s Peak




The Wilderness (exact location unknown)




Also at the end of the Behind the Scene video they said that if players have more location ideas post them on the forums for more consideration. 

Overall I think the general feel for lodestones is that they are unpopular yet heavily used. Jagex is sometimes blinded by their own willingness to do what players want them to do. I see the lodestone issue similar to that of the SoF. Players generally hate SoF and yet take their free spins daily, Runescape will generally see this as popularity to the SoF. Most players I know in Runescape generally do not like the lodestone network and yet we still all use them (who wouldn’t?) but Runescape takes this heavy use to mean a popular addition to the game and thus feels that they should further add too it. 


Not entirely a game changing update, but still an update that takes away that subtile feel of  the massive world of Gielinor and its seemingly endless boundaries. Still an update I’m not wanting but still an update I’ll most assuredly use. 


1 thought on “More Lodestones More Mistakes

  1. ThatTrueEvil

    Personally, the new Lodestones don’t bother me. Yes, they’ll make the world feel smaller, but don’t forget about you actually traveling to those Lodestones to activate them. Besides, most open world games have some form of fast travel in one way or another for the purpose of making gameplay not feel like an extremely huge grind, but as a way to speed up efficiency and gameplay.

    Also, don’t forget about Jagex talking about altering some teleport devices to make the have an advantage over Lodestones, so I’m not worried about them being obsolete just yet. But as with every update, let’s wait and see if these new Lodestones will make more content outdated.


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