What to Expect For July

Its hard to believe its already here, but nonetheless July’s Behind The Scenes will be released tomorrow. July should be an interesting month. Its a known fact that we are getting another huge boss added to the game, but you can expect a whole lot more. Jagex has told players to expect the huge Runescape 3 update to come sometime during July, as of now they have not said anything else about the release date besides it would come with a few weeks warning. In terms of this, no news is good news, and I think the wait will finally end during July with the release of Runescape 3. With that release we should expect, HTML, new interface, new website, and new high scores. That’s a big overload for Runescape and I’m really excited for it. Also players should expect another quest to tide them over as well.

Tomorrow the Behind The Scenes for July will be released and you can read up on all of the month’s update in the news post on the homepage. I’m really pumped for July and so far it looks like its going to be the best month of the year. Get ready!!


3 thoughts on “What to Expect For July

  1. ThatTrueEvil

    It will come in around four hours for me… I hope… it’ll be midnight in the UK at that time, right?

      1. ThatTrueEvil

        Right now, its 1:10 AM for Jagex… so nope. =(

        Gotta wait until morning then…

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