Update + Plans for the Fall

Its been a while since I’ve given you an in-game update of where I am and where I’m going, so I thought I’d quickly catch you up.

Not a whole lot of changes in terms of levels or basically anything else. I’ve not accomplished a whole lot since June, but this fall I have some pretty big plans.

Current skill list as of July 30th:












I know, I know, not that impressive. I’m a rookie- what can I say? 🙂

Enough of the past, now for the future. I’m a member again! And plan to be one for most of this fall and winter.

Its been a long time since I’ve stepped up my game and ‘reached the next level’ and I plan to do so once again this fall. My goal is to reach PvMer status by November 1st. At first it may seem like a simple task but at a second glance its more daunting than it may seem. I’ll be honest, I’ve not been a member for long, my skills show it and my quest points show it.

There are a fair amount of unlockables I need to have before I can officially start bossing. Extended prayer book, 2 more spellbooks, and a handful of various enhancements to speed up the bossing process, teleports etc. Most of the quests that give these rewards require alot of requirement quests. Most of them are short novice quests but they still take time. I plan to accomplish the below quests by the end of August.

Monkey Madness

The Fremennik Trials

Jungle Potion

Shilo Village

Lunar Diplomacy

The Tourist Trap

Temple of Ikov

Troll Stronghold

Waterfall Quest

Desert Treasure

Eadgar’s Ruse

Recruitment Drive

The Lost Tribe

Abyss (miniquest)

Garden of Tranquility

What Lies Below

Family Crest

The Knight’s Sword

Defender of Varrock

The Curse of Arrav

Nature Spirit

Shades of Mort’ton

Troll Romance

The Tale of the Muspah

Icthlarin’s Little Helper

The Golem

Missing My Mummy

The Temple at Senntisten

Fishing Contest

Dwarf Cannon

Between a Rock

The Giant Dwarf

Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf

Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf

The Feud

My Arm’s Big Adventure

King of the Dwarves


I’ve already done a good handful of the quests but still have a while to go. Bolded quests are those that are more advanced and unlock the biggest content that I want. This is actually probably the most time consuming part of my road to PvM. Alot of quests take longer than you think. But I’m enjoying it, I would call myself a part-time quester, I certainty don’t hate it. I like all the lore and the backstories that are associated with quests. Most quests in Runescape are very well done, from gameplay to plot. I’m finding a very comedic side to Runescape through these quests that you don’t find anywhere else on Runescape. Some of the conversations in quests are really funny.

After I complete the long list of quests I need to move on to skilling. As of now I would need alot of backup if I wanted to boss which means less rewards in the long run. Its about time for my combat stats to finally make the next leap as it has been a while. I’m shooting for 80-85 for starters in all my combat stats so I can use the unlocked ability’s in The World Wakes. Although I’m sure after I start bossing I’ll find that the 80-85 range still isn’t quite strong enough.

For starters I’m shooting to melee solo General Graardor. Once I get more experienced, I’ll move onto harder more profitable bosses.

Its an exciting time, I’ve wanted to boss for a long time but just now have the opportunity to do so. I’ll keep the blog updated as I go along.


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