This August… is Loaded

August will be loaded. A great month to be a Runescape player.

On the 1st, Runescape released the list of upcoming updates planned for the month of August, and it was far from disappointing. Probably one of the best months in terms of updates I’ve seen for a long long time. New quest, Loyalty Store update, new skill, and other updates will be coming out this month.

What I’m most excited for is probably the Loyalty Store revitalization. I’ve been saving my points ever since I became a member for this. Right now nothing in the Loyalty Store, except for a few high tier auroras, really catches my eye. Runescape knew that they could not make a Loyalty Store good enough to compete with Solomon’s General store so they decided to pair the two together. I wasn’t expecting this so I’m really excited for it, finally we can have some juicy Solomon’s General store items without spending precious Runecoins. Save your Loyalty Points everyone, there’s going to be alot of rewards to choose from soon.

As far as Divination goes (new skill coming out this month), its too early for me to tell. Runescape has needed a new skill and this seems to fit the bill, although I’m leery of it being too similar to Runespan. I don’t think I’ll know until I’m 50 levels into it so I’m staying positive about it. I’m really looking forward to the release and doing a little bit of skilling. I thought they should have made it f2p as well, but they still have another new skill on the back-burner and they might release it as a f2p skill. I’m expecting the rewards to be good and as far as I can tell they should be, so it seems it will be a skill worth spending time over.

This month is going to be great! Enjoy it everyone. I’ll be gone for the weekend and will be posting early next week.


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