15 Days After Runescape 3


Fifteen days and a couple hours ago Runescape became Runescape 3. The update was massive and covered everything from music to graphics and no one has been disappointed.

I’ve had alot of fun playing around with the new interface trying to find what suited my playing style best. Just over 2 weeks later I’m happily settled in and am enjoying Runescape more than ever. I figured it has been long enough and I’ll share with you my main layout that I’ll be using the most.


I really like this for a casual layout. Simple and sleek. I still get a good amount of the 3D world with my most used windows opened. My backpack opens on the left above the map but with the handy key-bind shortcuts I can open and close my backpack with a press of a key. I have my clan chat pulled out above my public chat because I talk in my clan alot and its nice to not have to hunt through the public chat to find missed clan messages. The mini map is a good size, big enough for ease of access but small enough to not take up space.

Here’s where the hidden interfaces show up with the HUD editing:


Not the most practical layout for skilling or combat but since Runescape 3 I haven’t been doing alot of that, mostly quests. When the time comes I’ll move things around to work the best with what I’m doing.

Being a fan of music I loved the new scores Runescape added, the full orchestral pieces really add to the game. Also with the new music servers old music has been revamped to sound better and it has really made a difference.

As for highscores, I’ve not really tried to place in any of them. I’m going to wait for Runescape to release more seasonal highscores before I try to place in one, plus I’m busy and don’t want to waste time killing loads of imps. šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “15 Days After Runescape 3

  1. ThatTrueEvil

    Nice layout! Very clean and simple. I’m loving this update a lot, and a lot of people agree. Look at the polls on both the official RuneScape homepage and the unofficial RuneScape Wiki: the biggest set of votes say something positive about the NIS, something that the forum users have been complaining about for a long time.

    Once I get back to vacation on Sunday, I’ll be sharing my experience with RuneScape 3 as well. /shameless plug šŸ˜›


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