Free to Play Gets a Piece of the Action

While Runescape enters 6th age free to play surprisingly isn’t that far behind. Although free to play players initially missed out on The World Wakes, which set the stage for the big turn of events, they’ve not missed a whole lot else. Tribute to Guthix and The Battle of Lumbridge were both made available to the free playing player although some parts were exclusively for members. Finally this week free to play finally gets thrown a little bit deeper into the lore with the new, signature hero quest, The Death Of Chivalry.

Perhaps just as exciting as the quest release is the long awaited Dark Knight Fortress makeover.








Not only did the castle receive an epic makeover but the actual footprint of the castle increased and was moved into the first few levels of the wilderness. To me the Black Knights Fortress was always awkward to navigate. It was tucked between the mountain and the wilderness to keep it out of a pvp zone. It was small and not very impressive compared to the rival White Knight’s Castle over in Falador. Runescape made the right decision when it came with dealing with the weird castle location. They just pushed into the wilderness even though no one can be attacked in the Fortress or the bridge leading to it. It gave them more room for the revamp so they could really do a good job with it. Finally it looks evil and although I’ve not had a chance to do the quest yet, I can’t wait to do so.

Enjoy the new quest free players!


2 thoughts on “Free to Play Gets a Piece of the Action

  1. ThatTrueEvil

    You’re in for a treat with this quest; the storyline, music, and pacing was spot on. You should definitely do this quest ASAP; this is in my Top 10 when it comes to my favorite quests ever. My only gripe was with the combat though. Even with the scaled combat, enemies went down without a sweat (even with Void Knight robes). I just wish that their accuracy and strength was buffed alongside health.

    But hey, it was all worth it to interact with Saradomin however I please. 😀


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