Mod Wreck3d-Mixed Reviews

A few weeks ago Jagex invited a few of the big name Youtubers in the Runescape community to visit their headquarters. Apparently while there, they invited a few of them to join the team and work for Jagex and the Runescape communities. Those who took the offer were Regicidal, So Wreck3d, and Silentc0re.

While I don’t have a problem with this and think that its a good opportunity to bring the playerbase and their opinions closer to those making the game, there has been bit of a scandal. Yesterday another Runescape video maker, ReturnOfWilderness, uploaded a video with images of private messages he received from So Wreck3d which were borderline raciest and threatened to ban players once he received mod.

Although private messages could easily be faked, the video contained audio of So Wreck3d talking about how awful the Runescape community is, how he hated producing videos for it, and talk about him selling gold. That made it real. So Wreck3d can deny screenshots but not his own voice.

I personally never really watched a whole lot of So Wreck3d videos and even less when he started playing in 07 servers. I don’t watch a whole lot of Runescape Youtubers, but when I do, I try and shop around and watch movies from a variety of producers. I was surprised with the allegations against Matt, but not shocked. Things like this happen alot. Do I think the video is legitimate? Yes. But the video is without context, when Matt posts his response video he needs to explain the context carefully if he want’s to win back his fan-base. Runescape needs to be careful when it comes to hiring their own players. While Matt can upload hundreds of videos about him playing Runescape, that doesn’t mean that he has good intentions. Jagex needs to get to know players who they intend to hire personally before considering to hire. A handful of 5 minute videos a week doesn’t cut it.

I’m interested on how Jagex will respond, and how Matt will respond. How this will all play out, I don’t know. But Jagex needs to do something fast before this escalates any higher. Right now I don’t know which side to take, but before you take your own sides, I urge you to wait it out. Don’t make any fast decisions on this. Give Matt his chance to respond and Runescape a chance to make a decision before pointing a blind finger.


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