Preparation for Runescape’s New Skill: Divination

Its time everyone! Roughly a year ago Runescape released the information that they were working on two new skills to be released to the game sometime in the near future. One of these skills will be released in literally hours from now. For those who want to jump onto the Divination train you need a little bit of preparation. Although I don’t know the exact details of the skill there are a few common things you can do to get ready.

Tie Up Your Lose Ends

Finish what your doing. Are you in the middle of a quest? A big skilling marathon? Getting a certain level? Whatever your doing, finish it before spending alot of time on the new skill. This will allow you to focus on the skill without any other distractions and things that you had wanted to do.


An organized bank can do wonders. Being able to know where all your items are without scrolling through lots of junk can save you alot of time and money as well. It also looks nice too!

Get Ahead Early And (Try) Stay There

Some people want to get the first 99, stay in the top 1k players, or just a friendly race with a clanmate. Getting ahead of the majority of players is a smart move in terms of merching. You’ll know what the players who are 10 levels below you will need to level up quickly, thus you can make smart market moves.

Watch The Market

With a big update like this tons of items will skyrocket in price and maybe even plummet. Try and have a couple million gp ready to spend and perhaps lose. Watch the Grand Exchange page on the Runescape website and see what the days biggest rises are. I think Divination is similar to Summoning in the sense that it requires random items, raw fish, logs, herbs, or other things to make the rewards. Those are the items that will jump in price early on and then slowly fall back down. Take some risk and you have the potential to make some easy money.


Happy skilling everyone!



2 thoughts on “Preparation for Runescape’s New Skill: Divination

  1. ThatTrueEvil

    I got to level 20… then went back to Dagannoth Kings because I have that goal for offhand drygore mace. I’ll be getting more Divination levels up soon, but I have other stuff planned.

    What’s your level in Divination, by the way?


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