I was really happy with events going in Runescape this September. Runescape’s ‘Super September’ was a great idea, its a relaxed event stretched over a month with some fun rewards. Its a good way to get back into the busy schedule of school with an easy paced event that doesn’t require hours worth in able to cash in on the rewards. I really like the team-based aspect to this event. Many of the challenges require anywhere from 5 people to 50 people working together to get the challenge done to be able to claim the rewards.

Asides from that the other updates this month look pretty fun. New tasks, a quest, and a handful of other stuff. I’m really excited for the new quest since I recently completed the Dwarf story line. The dwarf’s are some of the oldest content in the game, as they still posses some of the oldest graphics in the game. With the new quest all dwarfs will finally get a graphical rework.

Hope everyone is enjoying their September!


1 thought on “September

  1. ThatTrueEvil

    I’m excited for the Grandmaster quest as well. Seeing as I have all the requirements to start them, I’m going to go destroy it on release. 😀

    And Super September was also a great thing for me. It’s a little extra to do every day, and it’s not that bad to do. I’ll need to do some Dungeoneering tasks soon though – been busy getting 99 Strength and Ranged (which I got a few days ago) and getting Dominion Tower gloves.


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