Why I Hate Saradomin


I’m a Guthixian. Born and bred…. ok, not really. But I’ve been a ‘follower’ ever since I learned of the gods in RuneScape. My first piece of god armor was the Guthix kiteshield. The Guthix god armor in the old style was hot. It was the favorite of mine out of all the others; the perfect shade of green trimming rune armor. I looked like a million bucks in that armor, and I did as the armor stayed around a million gp back in the old days.

Now, as the gods are finally coming to the forefront of the game, players are getting a deeper look at the character traits of the major gods. For Saradomin, I’m not impressed.

Notes: Below will contain some quest spoilers from The Death of Chivalry and Missing, Presumed Death.

I like peace. Not only in real life, but also in RuneScape, as my views tend to carry over. However, I believe that to have peace it sometimes calls for war and other less desirable actions. That’s why I initially went with Guthix and not Saradomin. Guthix wanted peace since he created Gielinor, but he also wanted balance between the fractions. Although Saradomin wants peace, he will go to any means to bring it upon himself and his followers. He’s not looking for overall peace of the people, but just for himself and his followers.

Newly released quests usually are centered around the gods, and recently its been specifically Saradomin. For me, its only made me hate Saradomin even more because of the things he says and the choices he makes. For example, in the quest Death of Chivalry Saradomin uses the wand in attempt to resurrect Owen when he gets killed near the end. No matter what choice the player selects, which was to willingly give the wand, keep it, or destroy it, Saradomin will take the wand from the player. In the quest, I didn’t want him to take the wand, as the last thing Saradomin needs is a wand of resurrection. Plus, Owen was already dead and he died for the greater good. This was what he was expecting and wanted. And yet instead, he is resurrected by the angry Saradomin, causing Owen to be resurrected with ‘corruption’. Because Saradomin was angry it tainted the spell and gave Owen a ‘dark side’ that he must fight against for the rest of his life.

Really, Saradomin? You’re the all powerful, peace loving god and yet you get angry because you didn’t have your way and take the wand anyway? This resulted in Owen’s partial demise. Not cool. Guthix would have let Owen die peacefully and respect the choices the player wanted.

In the quest Missing, Presumed Death, Saradomin practically invokes Bandos the god of war himself.

Bandos: “…[Sliske] promised me you would all be here. And he promised me war.”

Saradomin: “Ha! Try me. You’ve seen what I’m capable of.”

…and this is the god of peace talking?

Later on in the quest, Icthlarin tries to show Saradomin that they have all been gathered as a lure. However, Saradomin doesn’t believe him, instead looking at the easy (and false) conclusion to the mysterious happenings, believing that Seren  was looking to attack Saradomin’s followers.

Overall, Saradomin irritates me; he used to be one of my favorites but now I hate him almost as much as Zamorak. Ichthlarin is taking his place on my favorite gods list with the new quest Missing, Presumed Death (although I have not finished the quest yet). In conclusion, it seems that Saradomin is severely blinded by his own lust to do what he believes is ‘right’. He doesn’t look at the bigger picture, only the things that directly impact him, leading to dreadful decisions. Saradomin isn’t looking for peace on Gielinor. He wants peace directly for himself even if the rest of the realm is thrown into chaos.



2 thoughts on “Why I Hate Saradomin

  1. Evil Lucario

    Very well said – ever since the Tribute to Guthix event, Saradomin really lost what respect I had for him. I hope the future World Event allows us to let us band together to kill Saradomin, or at least knock him down to a lower godhood tier.

    But… you say you know the quest’s plot, but you haven’t done the quest? Uh… 😐


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