Coming Soon: Barrows Revamp 2.0

I can’t exactly remember when – I think roughly a year or one and half years ago the popular minigame, Barrows Brothers, got a revamp. Graphics were updated as well as a few other things along the way, keeping it up-to-date with the newer content being released. But since then, Barrows are seldom visited with newer, bigger and better bosses being released almost monthly. However, I’m happy to give you some news ahead of schedule, about an upcoming Barrows Brother’s update.


This new update looks pretty awesome. In addition to the regular minigame, a new ‘hard mode’ will be added, allowing players access to a harder challenge with better rewards. Although it has not be told yet, I’m pretty sure the new level 90 armor will be melee classed, as currently, there is level 90 gear for all points of the combat except melee. The addition of new shields is great as well. With dual-wielding and powerful two-handed weapons in the game, shields have become insignificant. Hopefully, the addition to stronger shields will bring back the popularity to them.

November already looks like its going to be a great month with the upcoming Barrows revamp, regardless of the other content that’s scheduled to be released.



1 thought on “Coming Soon: Barrows Revamp 2.0

  1. Evil Lucario

    Well, Barrows was updated January 2012, so it’s almost two (!!) years since then.

    I’m concerned about it being group content, though. One of the big draws of Barrows was the solo aspect. Making this part of Barrows a group effort makes it lose something – I can’t exactly place a finger on it, though. There’s also the recent influx of group content made in the last few months, like Vorago, so I want to see more solo content in the future.

    Also, I’ve heard things on the forums that the level 90 gear will be a hybrid-class gear. With it being a reasonably high level, I think it might have some potential to be commonly used in the game. Level 90 Melee gear should have the same effort in making them put into like with sirenic and tectonic armor.

    That said, good content is good content, so I can’t wait to see how it rolls.


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