RuneScape Guides: Dagannoth Kings

The Dagannoth Kings (DKS for short) are a trio of mid-level bosses that resides deep within the Waterbirth Dungeon, consisting of Dagannoth Prime, which uses Magic, Dagannoth Supreme, with Ranged, and Dagannoth Rex, with Melee. They are known for being extremely profitable among high-leveled players, as well as being moderately good money for a duo of mid-leveled players. With a high risk, high reward situation, Dagannoth Kings remain as one of the best ways to make money in regards with bossing.


The only requirements needed to access Dagannoth Kings is for you to start the quest The Fremennik Trials. If you didn’t finish the quest, you need to pay a 1,000 gp fee to access Waterbirth Island each time. However, if you did the quest, you can access the island without the fee attachment.

Recommended stats are divided into two groups: those who solo and those who go in a duo. These are the stats I recommend for groups:

~ 80 Attack
~ 80 Strength
~ 80 Ranged
~ 80 Magic
~ 70 Constitution
~70 Defence
~ 70 Prayer
~ 67 Summoning

Dagannoth Kings are special in that each individual king can only be damaged by the style its weak against. For example, because Dagannoth Supreme uses Ranged, it cannot be damaged with anything except melee attacks, which is strong against Ranged. That said, 80+ in all combat styles is highly recommended to dish out enough damage against the Kings. 70 Prayer unlocks the Knights Prayers (Piety, Rigour, Augury), which helps boost damage and accuracy. 67 Summoning unlocks the war tortoise, which is a Summoning familiar that can hold 18 extra items.

When soloing, the recommendations skyrocket:

~ 90 Combat skills
~ 95 Prayer
~ 96 Summoning
~ 96 Herblore

95 Prayer can unlock both Soul Split and Turmoil, Anguish, and Torment after completetion of the Temple at Senntisten. Soul Split can heal you for 5% of damage you deal, and the other three boosts your stats higher than the Knights Prayers. 96 Summoning unlocks the pack yak, another Summoning familiar. It’s multipurpose: not only can it hold 30 items for you, it can also instantly bank one item in your inventory, allowing you to pick up more drops from the Kings. 96 Herblore unlocks overloads, which are very potent stat boosting potions that can boost your combat levels to a maximum of 115 in your combat stats.

Equipment is fairly basic. All you really need is either Barrows armor or God Wars Dungeon armor. Anything above is nice to use, but also fairly risky to take, as DKS takes quite a bit of time to get to. Therefore, I don’t recommend taking anything higher than those two armor sets.

On weapons, just bring in level 80+ weapons. On melee, your only choices are chaotic or drygore weapons. As Supreme is weak to stab, rapiers are one of the best melee weapons to take. However, when using drygores, maces can be used over rapiers for the extra +9 prayer bonus, as with extremely high-leveled weapons, weapon type doesn’t matter much. For Ranged, I highly recommend bringing a royal crossbow or better. Dual chaotic crossbows aren’t recommended, as it takes up an additional inventory slot that could be filled by another piece of supplies. Other options for Ranged exists, with the zaryte bow. Prime is weak to bows, but only bring a zaryte bow if you both have the money for it and are willing to risk losing it. Ascension crossbows aren’t recommended either, as level 80 weapons do just fine. Finally, on Magic, the bare minimum magic weapon is a chaotic staff. A Virtus wand and book can do more damage, but generally not that much better than chaotics. Seismics… are not recommended at all, as they’re not worth risking over, to put it in short.


First, teleport to Rellekka either through the Fremminik Province Lodestone or the house portal. Afterwards, go inside the town and find the western-most dock to a person called Jarvald. Right-click him and select “Travel-Waterbirth”, and make your way to the center of the island, with the opening of the cave in sight.

The next part is fairly annoying, but it’s the reason why DKS aren’t as popular as one would think. There are three special doors that block access to the deeper parts of Waterbirth Dungeon. However, these doors are special: you need the assistance of another player to get through those doors.

The process starts with you and your partner going inside the dungeon. One of the two of you should have a long-ranged weapon like a staff or crossbow. First, take the northern most door. You and your partner should stand on the pressure plates next to the door, and one of you two should click on the door to open it. Afterwards, you both quickly head south to the southern most door. AVOID the middle door; its a red herring designed to confuse players. Open the south door, and one of you quickly run back to the opened north door and go through that. At that point, the player with the long-ranged weapon should attack the door opposite to him/herself, and the other person to take out the other door blocking the partner. Climb down the ladder to the Kings, or climb up if you’re just helping a friend.

Afterwards, the dungeon starts branching off as a mini-labyrinth. Below is a video of the walk from the ladder to the Kings:


To review, each of the Dagannoth Kings each have only one weakness to a certain combat style. Dagannoth Supreme, using ranged, can only be harmed with melee. Dagannoth Rex, using melee, is only harmed by magic. Dagannoth Prime, who uses magic, is only harmed by ranged.

When you enter the lair, turn on Protect from/Deflect Ranged and run south along the water. If you’re lucky, Dagannoth Supreme won’t notice you, allowing you to take no damage during this first step.

Either way, when heading south, attack and kill Rex. When killing him, make sure to stun him. This will bind him in place for more than 15 seconds, and if he’s no longer binded in place, stun him again to keep him again to keep him locked in place right as he starts moving again. Otherwise, your stun will fail, as stuns don’t stack with each other.

After Rex is dead, move on to Prime, switching gear/weapons if Supreme isn’t on you. If Supreme is attacking you at that moment, attack him before Prime. The reasoning for this specific order is to minimize damage taken – getting attacked by more than one king at a time can be very deadly. Anyways, after killing the second king, switch gears again and kill the final king.

This first rotation is the most dangerous part of the entire trip. If multiple kings end up attacking you/your group, be prepared to use quite a bit of food at the beginning. After that, however, the rest of the trip should go smoothly, as there would only be one king to attack at those moments.

Below is another video with an example first rotation:


Loot from the Dagannoth Kings is very good. Each king has a 100% chance of dropping dagannoth bones and hides, each worth 8k and 4k respectively. They also have various noted drops like yew logs, mithril ore, and water talismans. Most valuable of all, however, are the Freminnik rings and the dragon hatchet. The rings range from 600k to at most 1.8m, and the dragon hatchet hovers above 3.8m on the Grand Exchange.

On average, expect a profit of 3m to 5m per hour. Personally, a two-hour solo trip with 135 kills nets me at least one dragon hatchet along with two or three Freminnik rings. Sometimes I go dry with only one dragon hatchet, but the drop rate is reasonable enough to camp for, unlike the God Wars Dungeon bosses. Also, because I have access to a pack yak, I can instantly bank the bones and hides they drop 100% of the time, leading to a further 1.2m from bones and 450k from hides. Because of the huge increase of profit, it’s highly recommended to bring a yak for much higher profit.

~ Evil Lucario


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