RuneFest Recap

So, it’s been a week since the famed RuneFest, where RuneScape enthusiasts got together along with Jagex over in the UK to see upcoming releases, play unreleased content, and overall learn more about RuneScape and where it’s headed in the future.

A lot of things were discussed and unless you watched the live stream of the event through the entire day you probably missed a few important and exciting content they spoiled for us all. 

So for those who didn’t make the event or see the entire stream, here’s a list and a description of everything covered over at RuneFest.

The Church of You

Not a whole lot was discussed about this but Mod Mark expressed that he wanted to make a piece of content where others could worship you the player.


World Event 2

The next world event will feature another two gods, but this time it’s Armadyl and Bandos. They will be fighting atop towers, where weapons of mass destruction sit which are aimed at each other. There will also be caravans all over RuneScape which players can raid.  During the event Divination will play a big role along with a PvP aspect. The biggest part of this event, however, is that the god which loses this battle will be killed. The World Event will take place around the city of Falador.

World Event 3

The third world event will feature the two gods, Brassica Prime (god of cabbage) and the goddess of monkeys Marimbo. The event is meant to be more lighthearted and will be in the form of a “crazy minigame”. There will be no fighting between the two gods themselves.

The Twenty Seventh Skill, Inventor

The skill is set to be released sometime in 2014. It will be the ‘companion skill’ for Divination. Players can expect to be able to upgrade weapons and skilling tools. New weapons, soul weaponry, will be released as well to go along with the skill. Also, players will be able to combine weapons they already have. Inventor will be for members only with the usual level 1-5 demo for free to play.

Inventor Weapons

Fate of the Gods

Fate of the Gods is a quest set to be released sometime in 2014. The quest will be focused around Zaros’ return and players helping him find a new host for his body. Choices made during the quest will affect the appearance of Zaros when he returns. During the quest, players will be able to walk on Freneskae where the Mahjarrat live. Players will learn more about Zaros’ background story, Dragon Riders, and the Elder Gods. It will be set in the 6th age, feature voice acting and have Master difficulty.


Valley of the Dead

Valley of the Dead will be a PvP minigame set for release in 2014. It will have a Battle Royale/Hunger Games play style, making it survival of the fittest.

Added Content to Player Owned Ports

Player Owned Ports will receive added content as well, it is hoped to be released before 2014. Two new trade goods will be added along with two new resources. Players will be able to get twelve new crew members, eight new ship parts, and sixty two new voyages giving them access to level 85 weapons, capes, and rings.

Reworks of Skills

Currently, Construction, Mining, Smithing, Summoning, and Agility are set to be revamped significantly. On Construction, building furniture will now be freely built instead of having dedicated hotspots, and there will be various improvements to training. Mining and Smithing will also be changed up, where requirements for rune will be squashed down to level 60, and there will be level 70 armor ready to be made. Also, you’ll be able to “smith items together” for a currently unknown purpose. Summoning will rework familiars’s functions, allow better training through using pouches, and also have familiars level up. The Agility rework is a complete reimagining of the skill. Run energy will be completely removed from the game, and Agility will instead speed up various actions your character does in RuneScape.

Miscellaneous Content

Below is a list of content of lower-key announcements:

– Possibility of werewolf quest
– Elder God content first coming in early 2014
– Future Zaros quests will be high-leveled content
– Possibility of RuneScape Classic reopening again
– 200th quest
– RuneScape on tablets / mobile being looked at
– RuneScape community app: allows access to clans, private messages, Grand Exchange, and others on mobile – first version expected by Christmas
– Standalone games about characters / themes / lore on mobile a possiblity
– HTML5 will be reformated as a downloadable client
– More guaranteed polls, specifically on minigames
– Reworks of monsters, like Giant Mole
– New Seasonal HiScores, as well as Regional HiScores – more polls to decide more

So that was it! Above were the major topics covered in RuneFest, by the looks of it there seems to be alot of good content coming ahead for everyone in 2014 and some of it is set for release before the new year as well.

~Ar-Kelvar / Evil Lucario


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