Weekly Tips: 17

Take a careful look at the abilities you use in combat! For example, the basic Attack ability Sever, in addition to dealing massive damage, can reduce damage done to you by 10%. Examine each ability and see how you can chain abilities efficiently to deal the most damage.

A few more examples include:

Decimate – increases damage if the target is using a shield
Slaughter – triples bleed damage if the target moves from its initial position
Binding Shot OR Impact –> Piercing Shot OR Wrack – Normally, Piercing Shot and Wrack does 125% of weapon damage. However, right after using Binding Shot or Impact, which stuns enemies and also deals 100% of weapon damage, damage Piercing Shot and Wrack climbs up to 157%.

The long and short of it all is: examine each ability and check out how to use each ability’s special affects to line up with each other for maximum damage potential. You’ll be surprised how much more efficient combat can be if done correctly.


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