How to Prepare for World Event Two

It’s coming, in under a week players will be battling it out to protect one of two gods, in what will be RuneScape’s second World Event, this time, featuring no one other than Bandos and Armadyl. With time closing in, everyone’s starting to prepare, and with us we’ll let you know the top ways to prepare for The Bird and the Beast epic World Event 2!

Divination Training

It has been stated many times by RuneScape that Divination will play a big role in this event. Divine tears have dried up since the last event and players will need to support their gods in other methods, one of these ways is through divination skilling in the event. While in the last event your skill levels did not matter it is still a good idea to get to a high Divination level. This will give you a good understanding of the skill, and if there is a chance that your level does have influence then you are well prepared.

You can start training Divination south-east of Draynor.

Missing, Presumed Death

This is the latest Sixth Age quest and it prepares you for World Event 2 in more ways than one. If you haven’t finished the quest then now would be a good time to do so. You’ll be able to see the gods Bandos and Armadyl for the first time as well as get some background lore information leading up to this event.

You can start the quest north of the Dig Site.


Safe player killing is going to feature in this World Event! Through PvP, players will be able to get juicy Prayer exp, support their god, and bust some skulls of those on the opposing team. While this isn’t the main way to participate in the event, it looks like you can heavily benefit from it. So dust off your PvP skills, get some practice, stock up on food, and find your old PvP armor so you’ll dominate the other players! The PvP will be across nearly the whole game world and you’ll be able to kill anyone of any level. However, there will be damage scaling so high combat levels can’t cream the lower levels. Its good to note that you will be able to toggle off the PvP aspect of the Event after it starts.

Tip: RuneScape is new to combat and damage scaling, right after the event starts I’m sure it wont be operating at 100%, so you might have a easier chance of killing someone of a different combat level than you. With that said, get out there and start training!

Understanding Event Mechanics 

It appears that this event will be more complicated than the first World Event. There will be more ways to help your god and better rewards. Having an understanding of the event mechanics and background is very important, especially before the event is released, the Behind the Scenes video for this event will give you a better understanding of how exactly the Event is going to work.

Don’t forget! Which ever god loses dies permanently within the game, so choose wisely and good luck!


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