Our Impressions of The Bird and the Beast

A few days ago, the next World Event, The Bird and the Beast, was released. It pitted Armadyl and Bandos against each other, and it will end in one of the two dying. Below are our experiences with it.


Overall, the game mechanics of World Event 2 are far better than World Event 1, the Battle of Lumbridge.  I joined Bandos, not just for the rewards, but as a Guthix follower to achieve balance. I knew from the start Bandos was going to be fighting an uphill battle, but I am still a little disappointed on just how large that ‘hill’ is.

I feel like Jagex could have made the event a little bit closer in the scoring technique. I don’t think the scoring should be based off how many players are on each side, but more on the strategy at which that team plays at. Of course, there is some strategy involved in scoring, but Bandos is so outnumbered on populated worlds they just get manhandled regardless.

However, I found Bandos to be more strong on lower populated worlds and found a FC (Friends Chat) I could join which ruled over one game world. In the low populated worlds, the fighting is more even, making the event more enjoyable. Strategy actually does play a role in those worlds giving the Event another dimension.

The PvP in the event is great, giving players a new interest to the long dead Wilderness. However, as I thought it would, the damage scaling isn’t that impressive as higher level players can still plow through the lower levels.

Overall the Event was just as exciting as I anticipated it would be, regardless of the massively uneven teams. The rewards are far better in the event and renown easier to obtain.

Evil Lucario:

First off, let me start by stating I have joined Bandos to even out the scales of the conflict. As a member of the Godless, I wanted to even out the sides so both can be sufficiently be weakened enough so they end up taking each other out.

Anyways, I have to say that I’m enjoying this event immensely. There’s so much more to do than in the Battle of Lumbridge. The Battle of Lumbridge was fairly bare-bones, with only traditional skilling and killing random soldiers filtered through the other side. The Bird and the Beast goes back to the drawing board and establishes new things to do. This time, because either Bandos or Armadyl will die from this conflict, the stakes are, consequently, much higher. Across the free-to-play map, you can build structures related to your god, tear down opposing structures, engage in PvP, protect convoys of divine energy harvested by members of your faction, and destroy other convoys.

Unfortunately, because of the heavy imbalance between Bandos and Armadyl, expect to either be completely slaughtered by a horde or curbstomp the opponent. However, in my case, I find myself winning more solo fights than not, even with my opponent using food. However, despite also losing many other fights, PvP is extremely fun and is worth sinking time into. The one complaint I have is the damage scaling. As it’s still in the working process since The Death of Chivalry, this system still has a long road ahead of it. I can take down level 200s with level 70 armor no problem, but I struggle more against lower levels because of my lowered inflicted damage and their heavily-buffed damage to me.

For instance, I can take down a level 200 using dual drygores with us fairly equal. However, against, say, a level 150, even though I’m using dual drygore maces, I find myself barely hitting above 700 with basic abilities while that level 150 can constantly hit 1000s+ on me. Though I appreciate Jagex’s consideration that lower-levels might not have a chance to partake in the event because of packs of level 200s, they went a little overboard with it and instead favors the underdog too much.

Otherwise, this is a fun and very enjoyable event to take part of. So get out there and support your side! I’ll be at World 22 fighting in the meantime, if anyone’s interested.

P.S. Use shields. They’re a great choice in PvP, more so than dual wielding and two-handed weaponry.

~ Ar-Kelvar & Evil Lucario


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