RuneScape’s New Rares

Over the months after the release of the Sequel of Fortune, Jagex has used it to sneak in a few rares. They haven’t really called them rares, but basically they are. Tradeable rewards added to the game through the SoF for a short period of time before being discontinued.

Fish Masks

Christmas Tree Hat

Crown of Seasons

These are the rares that have been added to SoF as of date.

Now, however, Jagex is adding a ‘legitimate’ rare and actually admitting it. For 15 days this December players will have a chance to win crackers, which could grant players a Black Santa hat.


Players will be able to get crackers through skilling, killing, as well as other events.

Of course the reception has been split, some players don’t mind this new addition to rares, while others have contrary feelings.  I personally don’t really mind the addition of the new ‘rares’ its basically the same as adding any other hard to get high level reward to the game. Actually, I’m pretty excited about the Black Santa hat, it’ll give me a chance to get an expensive item which has a chance of becoming rare. As I’m not very wealthy in game, I’m naturally drawn to rares and consider them pretty neat, and with new ones being released its giving me a chance to actually get one as I can’t afford any of the others.

However, I feel that if Jagex intends to add new rares to the game they need to stop releasing them through the SoF. It gives a unfair advantage to those willing to spend money on spins. If they want new rares they need to release it through game content which everyone can participate in.

Overall I’m excited to have a shot to land my hands on a Black Santa hat, and hopefully players can see that these new rares, if released within reason, are not harming the economy or the game.


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