Behind & Ahead

So we are a few days into the new year and that means looking back and looking ahead at past/future accomplishments.


It was a great year for me, the year I got membership for the first time and the year I got my first 99. I got alot of the mandatory Membership things aside such as skills and quests and I’m at the point where I can go in any direction and do what I want to do without having to worry about not having the levels or the quests completed. I finished the year with the below stats:

2013 Final StatsOverall it was a great year and I look forward to 2014!


I have alot of things planned for 2014 and am excited to start working on them. I hate defining them as ‘resolutions’ as thats generally considered something you will never accomplish. Instead I’ll stick with goals that I have regarding RuneScape in 2014.

-Post at least 1,000 times on the official RuneScape forums

-Get 3 more 99s in any skill

-Be able to successfully solo the Queen Black Dragon

-Own my first set of Drygore weapons

-Reach 2,100 total level

-Have a minimum of level 60 in all skills


Those are the major things that I’ll be shooting for in 2014, I’m sure I’ll add stuff along the way but its a pretty good start. At the end of the year I’ll comeback and compare stats and see what I can check off my list.

Have a good new year everyone!




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