Elite Ardougne Tasks Completed!!


I can’t believe I already managed to complete another elite task set within RuneScape. The rewards, which include a total of 200k experience split into 50k chunks for skills above level 85, will help when it comes to the slower skills like Fishing, Crafting, Runecrafting, and Farming.

Hopefully, when I get enough to boost for the elite Mortyania tasks (87 Farming to boost up to 91 Farming with a stranger plant familiar), that would be my next goal to achieve for myself on the tasks department. But until then… I’ll be working on 90 Runecrafting and Fishing.


4 thoughts on “Elite Ardougne Tasks Completed!!

  1. ripcage

    Hey, I’ve got an rs blog aswell I thought we could sort something out like if I put a link to your site on mine, then you did the same get us some more views, my blog is beastingrs.wordpress.com and my rs name is dermthero if you could contact me ASAP that would be great!

      1. ripcage

        thanks! the link is now up on my site aswell, under the page “links” it can be acessed from the top navigation bar and the right navigation bar. also, congrats on your ardy cape! 😛

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