‘Scape Stories: How I Started

Every Monday, we’re planning on starting a weekly series of random stories throughout our RuneScape experiences. Each story would be about a different situation, be it humorous or jaw-dropping. Anyways, we hope you enjoy these future posts as we move along into the future.

It was really by chance that I stumbled upon RuneScape. When I was younger I played alot of flash games and jumped from one game to another. I soon grew tired from all the games, as once you play a couple you’ve basically seen all your typical plots, game mechanics, and graphics. I never heard of RuneScape but saw it featured on one of the many gaming sites I visited. At the time I had no email address so it limited me in what I could play. However, RuneScape was an exception, it only asked for a new username and a password (this has since changed and you need a valid email upon registration).

So thats how I joined RuneScape, only because it didn’t require an email address. As soon as I got in game and saw the first pitiful early 2009 tutorial island graphics I was blown away. I had never seen a ‘3D’ game like this and one with so much depth. Soon I completed tutorial island, still as clueless as what to do as anyone. Somehow I managed to find the chef inside the Lumbridge castle and he set me up with the famous cake quest. At the time I had no idea how to open the world map, not realizing the world symbol next to the minimap actually opened a map. So attempting to find the wheat I got myself hopelessly lost.

I ended up traveling through the crossroads above Draynor, which had a few highwaymen who were aggressive. They naturally attacked me and I almost died, but I outsmarted them by running farther west. I then saw the  entrance to the Draynor sewer and entered it. I thought I had gotten away from the highwaymen but I was greeted by something ten times as worse: a horde of zombies who promptly killed me.

So I was doomed, I was carrying everything with me which I had received from the start bronze dagger, fishing net, 25 gp and a few other things. When I spawned and saw I had lost everything but 3 items, I didn’t know what to do as I had no clue how to make progress without these items. So I just create another account with the goals of  figuring out how to open the world map and finding that darn windmill.


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