Ninety-Nine Time!

It’s been long enough.

Defence_cape_(t)_equippedWay back in May 2013 did I get my first 99, and I went in big. I spent 40 days from level 85 till 99 in Mining to clinch it as my first maxed skill. It took alot of work and dedication but was worth every second. Since then I’ve been establishing base skills in members and getting some big quests out of the way. But I’m ready now, I’m ready to grind out another 99 and get a trimmed cape. This time I went with something a little more quicker and a little bit more player friendly, I decided upon Defense. I feel like defense is an unappreciated skill. It seems like when people go for a 99 in a combat skill they always go straight for strength and end up training defense second or last. 

So I’m going for it. I’m camping hell hounds with a great combo of, Chaotic Maul, Twisted Bird Skull Necklace, Bone Crusher, and Charming Imp, I’ll most likely be there for about a week and a half to two weeks. So if you see me say hi! 🙂


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