Take Advantage Of Beta

betasoftwareRuneScape has released another beta, this time its for refining the Evolution of Combat. I’ve always been a fan of the beta’s RuneScape has released over time. I think its great they are giving players a chance to get in game and test out some of the big updates before they are actually released. Besides the aspect of trying out new content, beta also has other benefits.

About The Beta

In case you are unfamiliar with with RuneScape beta’s here’s what you need to know.

You can access the beta through the RuneScape homepage, everything in the beta will be exactly the same as the live game except for the added content to be tested. Anything you do in the beta is not permanent. So if you drop your bank in the wilderness in the beta, your bank will stay the same in the regular game. However, some betas that RuneScape has released is not like this so make sure you check and double check its not a live version of the game.

New Content

Obviously there’s going to be new unreleased content in the beta. I strongly recommend getting into the beta and getting your hands dirty. Try out everything involving the new content, this time its combat improvements so make sure you try out minigames, pking, pvm, as well as regular combat skilling.

I’m surprised at actually how few people actually go into the betas to try the new content. Its a great way to get advantage over other people once the update is released. Even if you don’t deem it worth it, go into the beta anyway for a few minutes and mess around, you might find out the beta is actually really important to play through.

Test, Test, And Test

Beta is your only chance to do something in game that doesn’t actually effect your account. This is a great opportunity to do stuff you normally wouldn’t do. So get out there and try out some high risk pking, see if you can solo a big boss, and host some drop parties.

In this beta I’ll be doing alot of bossing, since I’m slowly getting the levels that are adequate for solo bossing. I haven’t ventured passed General Graardor in the God War Dungeons for bossing/solo bossing, so I’ll be testing my luck in some solo hardmode for Graardor, as well as going up against some of the other GWD bosses.

Since Runescape is working with reviving player killing in the game I’ll certainly be trying out some high risk pking again. I’ve always enjoyed dabbling in the PvP side of Runescape so I’m certainly interested in seeing it get revived. And in beta, there’s no better chance to refine your PvP skills.


Go out there and try out that beta! Test out the new content and maybe try your luck at some PvP.


1 thought on “Take Advantage Of Beta

  1. Evil Lucario

    Remember all: this time, even if the beta goes live, almost EVERYTHING within what will be implemented will be optional. Revolution, Momentum Plus, special attacks, all of that will just add onto the game.

    We hope to see you in the beta as well!


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