Double Experience Weekend is Coming Up, So…

Double Experience Weekend is coming very soon on Febuary 21st to 23rd, so you know what that means – massive and massive amounts of training for three days straight! However, as some of you may be overwhelmed by the amount of options available, here’s my tips on how to make the most out of Double Experience Weekend.

1) Buyable skills

If you’re going for a “buyable” skill like Herblore, Construction, Cooking, and the like, always go for the option that gives the most experience. As you’re going to get double experience consistently, losing money on training won’t be that much of a problem, as double experience is around a once-a-year or so. Examples of this include making overload potions for Herblore, making oak dungeon doors for Construction and making elemental battlestaves or dragonhide armor for Crafting.

Just one of the many things to do when standing around a bank.

Just one of the many things to do when standing around a bank.

However, using bones on a gilded altar will NOT grant the double experience, so don’t be surprised if you try and it doesn’t work.

2) Slow skills

jagexlauncher 2014-02-14 15-37-01-598

Sorry friend, but this is for the good of double experience.

The other option to take is with training slow skills, like Agility, Fishing, Runecrafting, Divination, and Slayer. Though getting buyable skills is more efficient than this method, double experience can also grant the luxury of getting slow skills past much quicker than usual. Time spent skilling will be cut in half, allowing you to enjoy doing other things after double experience is over.

3) Summoning

This part is so important, it needed a section of its own. First off, you need to gather enough charms. One of the best monsters to gather charms from are waterfiends and glacors. Waterfiends are conveniently placed in the Ancient Cavern, but glacors are harder to unlock, as they require the quest Ritual of the Mahjarrat to access, and it boasts some of the highest quest requirements in the game.

Afterwards, you need to make your pouches. Taverley’s obelisk is fine enough for people without 57 Summoning, but if you do have it, buy spirit kyatts. They offer a free teleport to the Piscatoris Hunting Area, which has the closest obelisk within a quick and easy way to get to.

jagexlauncher 2014-02-14 21-04-30-781

For the best charms to get and use for pouches, the unofficial RuneScape Wiki has a list.

That’s all for double experience weekend tips.


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