My Weekend

I’m not exactly sure how I felt about my gains during Double Experience weekend. I quickly learned that 30m doesn’t go very far in Herblore even with double xp, but I hit 80 Herblore so I was pretty happy about that. I intend on getting to 96 75% from Warbands which if I do diligently should only take me a month or so. Aside from Herblore I didn’t do much mostly because of confounded technical issues.

Saturday morning my computer was locked up with CPU issues and after a total amassed time of 5 hours 30 mins on the phone with support I got the issue sorted out by Sunday afternoon in time to catch the last dregs of the bonus weekend. Yep… I’m a professional xp waster now 😉

Note: Stay tuned! Later this week another Smart Scaping guide will be out, preparing you to make easy money. 


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