Smart Scaping: Best In F2P(or P2P), Money Guide, Up To 750k/Hour

Welcome to a monthly edition of RuneScape guides called Smart Scaping, where me and Evil Lucario alternate each month uploading an offical, in depth guide. Anyways, sit back and enjoy the guide.

I know people want to see 1m+ an hour when they see a money guide. But lets be realistic, while this is possible for higher levels in members, its nearly impossible for free players. I’ve done every method there is in f2p, from mining rune in the wilderness, killing Reverents(don’t even bother), to picking up ashes, out of all the things I’ve tried I’m happy to say that this is the best there is.

I was a free player for four years in RuneScape before I took the plunge into the member worlds. It was something I was proud of, I made my first 1k levels in f2p which is a feat harder than it sounds and not many people do it. I loved the small f2p community, and while most of the players consisted of bots or beggers, there was a community out there and it thrived.

I quickly learned that money in f2p plays a huge role, arguably more so than in members. I figure the gold ratio between members and free players is 1:10, although I could be off. If you were f2p and had a couple million gp in the bank you were considered rich. In members you gotta have a party hat to catch someones attention. It was alot of fun, but always hard, as the money in f2p doesn’t come easy regardless of the levels.

All over Youtube and websites people are screaming at you about the best, new way to make over 1000k gp an hour with no skill requirements. I skimmed these scams and quickly found they were not worth your time, until I found out about this method. Its one of the surest ways to make money as a f2p player (and it works great for lower level members as well), I started using this method years ago and I am quite happy to say years later its even better than it was.

Anyway, lets get into it.


~Access to the Runecrafting guild (50 Runecrafting)


Method Basics

What you are going to be doing is playing the mini game called “The Great Orb Project” (or gop). Through this mini game you are given tokens as rewards, these tokens can be spent on a great variety of things, however for money making you only want to spend them on Water Talismans. Each Water Talisman buys at 50 game tokens.

Why does this work? Water talismans are a secondary ingredient for a summoning pouch, they are often used by the higher summoning levels to level up, thus the demand is very high and the supply very low. On average water talismans sell  anywhere from 10.5k to 11.5k each on the Grand Exchange, making the potential profit to be very large.

You can get to the Runecrafting Guild at the top of the Wizards Tower through the center blue portal.

Getting A Game

One of the reasons why the supply for water talismans is low is due mainly to the fact that no one plays gop, seemingly making it a dead mini game. Since you need 4 people to join before a game can start it can make it very frustrating. However, one FC still remains that focuses only on gop, you’ll be using this FC because without it you won’t find a game. Everyone in the FC plays on the free worlds (members and free players have the potential to make exactly the same number of tokens per hour), and these players are gop pros. They are usually low level skillers whose purpose of the account is to only play gop and get better.

FC: “Death Erebus” 

In A Game

During the mini game players will be teleported to 6 different Runecrafting alters (Air, Mind, Water, Earth, Fire, Body). Once at an alter players have a few minutes to ‘pull’ orbs towards the alter base using wands. With each orb collected that team scores a point, whichever team has the highest point at the end of the round wins that alter.

Sounds simple? Its not.

As stated before alot of these players have been playing the minigame for many many years, they are true experts. At first it can be very frustrating as you’ll get into a game and usually will lose all the alters resulting in very little token reward. However, the players in the FC are very friendly and wan’t to see gop become more successful if you ask them they’ll help you learn the basics of the game and the best strategy at winning. Once you get the basics down and understand orb movement then you’ll quickly become better. So at first you won’t be making nearly as much money as you could, but as you get better you’ll start to win more alters resulting in more cash.

The technique to being a successful gopper is too complex to write out in this guide. However, there are some guides on Youtube and as I said the people in the FC are more than willing to help you learn.

Helpful Terms

2v0– This is where two players play on one team against an alternate account. This lets them win all alters thus gaining maximum tokens per hour, this is highly suggested to do for the best money.

50/50– This is where players split the alters meaning each team wins the same amount, giving each team a fair amount of tokens.

tjomp/glitching– Players can leave a match right before it begins to allow them to not have to play but not have to wait the time punishment received for skipping games. This is a good thing to learn and can be very helpful.

alt– This can mean two things, either Alter or Alternate Account.

pull-This is the act of pulling an orb towards you using your wands.

drag– This happens when a player is pulled towards the orb instead of the orb being pulled towards the player. This can occur in different situations and it is important to learn how to avoid it.

Cashing In

Once you’ve amounted a good amount of tokens you can easily cash them in. To do so simply trade Elriss it will open an interface with the available rewards. If you are looking to make money the only thing you are concerned about is the water talismans.

watertalRight click on the water talisman and select ‘Buy X’ type in 28 (for full inventory), then run shortly over to the east side of the guild where a bank deposit box is. Do so repeatedly until you get as many water talismans as you want or run out of tokens.

Then go to the Grand Exchange put in your water talismans and submit your offer.

Pro tip: Water talismans are a great item to merchant, their price rises and falls very often, use this to your advantage. Make sure you only sell the water talismans when they are high in price (usually between 11k-12k). Also check the market often, sometimes they will fall as low as 8k before quickly going back up to the higher prices, buy then and then return sell them a few days later for a great profit. 

Math: Players can get up to 750 tokens each game(this requires winning all alters) this is 15 water talismans every 14 minutes and 30 seconds. That’s roughly 3,000 tokens per hour or  60 talismans an hour. Currently they sell at 19.8k (NOTE: this is HIGHLY inflated due to Double Experience Weekend, during any regular point of a year it will be MUCH lower, around 12k each. Once the prices drop significantly I will update this price and the math.) 60 water talismans multiplied by 19.8k gives you 1,188,000 gp per hour.

However, expect to get between 700k and 900k an hour due to losing alters.


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