March Madness

Some of the information below has not been officially confirmed.

March 4th, 2013 saw the world wake in Runescape, as the mega quest The World Wakes was released, drastically changing the world of Gielinor. A year later (I can’t believe its been a year) it looks like another groundbreaking March. Two huge quests are queued for release, One of a Kind and Fate of the Gods as well as other minor lore centered content. So lore masters, get ready, because its going to be another shattering March.

One of a Kind

The quest will chronicle the study of Hannibus, a dragon rider, by no one other than Mr. Mordaut, as well as uncovering Robert The Strong’s lost library.

This quest not only brings more lore about the Dragonkin but also new dragons to go with it. You can expect some awesome rewards, entailing Dragon rider armor, Dragon rider amulet, and of course access to the new dragons.

Although its a Grand Master quest the requirements for it are more on the forgiving side. Players will need 81 Magic, 74 Summoning,67 Dungeoneering, and 40 Divination. In terms of quests players will need to have completed A Tail of Two Cats, The World Wakes, King’s Ransom, and Missing, Presumed Death. 

This quest will tailor after the older fashion quests, which means more diverse traveling to complete the quest.  So get your teleports unlocked as you’ll most likely be traveling alot more than you would in recently released quests.

Fate of the Gods

This is the mother-load of quests, a massive Grandmaster quest set in the style of The World Wakes. Players will finally learn more of the dark lord Zaros as he seeks aid for a new body host for his soul to possess. A new environment will be released as well, Freneskae, the Mahjarrat homeworld. Expect to learn more about Zaros, the dragon riders, and the Elder Gods.

This is a Grandmaster quest and the requirements tailor after it as the players will need a grueling 75 Divination, 73 Agility, 79 Magic, 67 Summoning, and 76 Slayer. While the levels required for this quests are heavy, the quests requirements are a bit lighter as the player only needs to have completed Missing, Presumed Death. 

Rewards include a new environment to explore, more Zaros lore, as well as new abilities to unlock.


So get ready everyone, Zaros is set for return and the story behind the mystical dragon riders and dragonkin all this month.


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