‘Scape Stories: Noob vs. The World Wakes

Of course we all remember the hyped up release of The World Wakes that came out early last March. Well I was a part of that bandwagon, I had just newly became a Member and was ready to put my F2P honed skills to the test. So I spent my bank on some Barrows armor, grabbed some food, and dived into something that was way above my head as all true noobs do.

I got into the quest and almost immediately I was faced with a boss fight, something I had no experience in. The toughest things I had killed prior were Reverants, hardly a challange with EoC mechanics. So when I stepped up to Kree with my full Barrows, duel dragon longswords, low 70s combat stats, and a inventory full of sharks, I had no idea what I was up against. Quickly I tanked through my food to die with hardly any damage done, not only did this happen once, but multiply times. Finally as my frustration built and my supplies dwindled I knew it was time to get serious. So I asked a long time friend who had been a Member for a long while what I could do to kill Kree. This in itself was a mistake, he was mostly a skiller and not so much a quester or bosser, so he told me the friendly advice of bringing along some Saradomin Brews. I hardly knew any of the stat boosting potions available so I made my way to the Grand Exchange and put in an offer for 50 Saradomin Brew flasks.

They went through so I grabbed a full inventory and headed off once more to Kree, little knowing what I had gotten myself further into. The fight started fine enough, I had discovered a  handy safespot that avoided most of the hurricanes he threw at me. With this problem out of the way it was just a matter of survival and DPS. However, quickly I saw a problem, I had no restore potions. Saradomin Brew potions heal 500 hp however, reduce all combat stats except for defense (which it boosts). Quickly my levels were plummeting but I was so close to a kill, but finally the potion nerfed all my skills down to 1 except for defense. I couldn’t even use most of my abilities as they all had combat requirements, so I was only relying on my auto attacks. At this point the fight was well over 10 minutes long and looked like it would last another 10 minutes as my auto attacks hardly dealt any damage because of the lowered stats, but the kill was insight with only a couple thousand lifepoints left.

So there I was, full Barrows, duel wielding dragon longswords (couldn’t afford anything else), spam eating Saradomin brews with all combat stats at level 1. However, finally, I finished off Kree. It was probably one of the most clutch and insane kills I have ever made, I literally held on by the skin of my teeth with no stats to support me for a near 15 minute kill.

Afterwards I did some more research and more or less blasted my way through the rest of the boss fights in the quest, I made sure to point out to my friend that I wouldn’t be needing anymore bossing advice as well. 😉

And naturally, I haven’t touched Saradomin Brews since (seriously, what purpose do they have?)


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