Why I Don’t Want 120 Capes

Level 120 capes have been a highly discussed topic pretty much ever since the release of Dungeoneering. It requires 104,273,167  experience in a skill to reach, as of now Dungeoneering is the only skill to acknowledge this  achievement. However, a recent poll has be released asking what players want, as of now the majority is voting for the 120 capes and looks like that will be the end result.

120 capes

Personally I’m not a big fan of the idea of 120 capes being added to the game, and here’s why. As of right now all skills are not fully expanded up until the 99 mark. For example, in mining pretty much the highest tier reward (besides the mastery cape) is mining Runite (requirement of 85). Many other skills are similar, having obsolete rewards in the upper 80s and 90s. While Jagex says they won’t be adding any in-game rewards for levels past 99, this is subject to change. Once players start working on levels past 99 they will want rewards (besides the 120 cape) along the way. I’m sure many people will request this. This will put pressure on Jagex to meet the needs of the more experienced players, and not so much on expanding the skill up to 99.

While this is all speculation and necessarily won’t happen something that will most certainly happen is lack of acknowledgement and prestige. As of right now 99 capes show that you have reached absolute mastery in that skill, regardless of any xp gained after the 99. However, with the introduction to 120 capes the 99 capes will lose most of its esteem. The 120 capes will replace the 99 capes in regards to showing absolute mastery in the skill. Its basically going to lower the 99 capes to the level of the milestone capes, showing that you’ve spent some time on the skill but haven’t absolutely mastered the skill.

Instead, Jagex needs to bring back the esteem in the 99 cape. One way of doing this is not developing the 120 capes, but also making the 99 capes more impressive. They’ve needed a graphical update ever since they have been released. Player made concept art for 99 capes have been surfacing lately and they all look great. If 99 capes look cooler and more impressive than they already do than that will bring back the value in them. In addition, reaching 99 in a skill has to have more of a reward. As of right now, reaching level 99 only unlocks the mastery cape in a skill, players should be getting topnoch, elite rewards for reaching level 99 not just an outdated cape.

Jagex has stated they are looking into refurbishing the rewards in skills, specifically in the upper levels, but as of now its not even in the release horizon. It could be another year until we see the first skills getting their rewards re-balanced.

So when voting for the 120 capes give it some thought, it has more of an effect on the game than one might think.


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