My Decision

could have done Fate of the Gods on release, all I needed was a handful of Agility levels. But I didn’t do it. This is why:

I’m relatively a new member. Well, its been a year anyway, but I mainly focused on member skills. Which, looking back, is probably more important in the early months of membership than quests. However, I recently got the Milestone 60 cape and am only a couple million experience off Milestone 70. March was a total grind for me, the first weeks I pounded out 75 Divination (harder than it sounds) and the second half I spent on a clan Fletching competition. (Came in 4th with 5 million xp gained in a week, not bad with no Broads!) But now I’m sick of skills. I got enough to make decent money per hour and enough to get most quests done. So I’m going to quest through the spring, I’m in no means looking for the Quest Point cape but want to get closer.

The reason why I won’t be doing Fate of the Gods is mostly because I’ve  not completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat and I feel like I’ll be missing out alot on the plot if I don’t complete it. Also, I’m sick of only partially knowing all that juicy lore behind RuneScape and if I get RotM done I feel like that will fill in alot of gaps.

Anyway, this spring I’ll be focusing on questing and maybe some money making and also will be posting a whole lot more!


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