Smart Scaping: Your First Chaotic

Welcome to a monthly edition of RuneScape guides called Smart Scaping, where me and Ar-Kelvar alternate each month uploading an offical, in depth guide. Anyways, sit back and enjoy the guide.

Once upon a time, Chaotic weaponry were the best in their respective slots in combat. Nowadays, they’re degraded to second-best (third for a certain pair), but they’re still worth buying, in my eyes.

But which Chaotic to buy first? Well, that’s where this post comes in.


Here’s a no-brainer, for the most part. For Melee, there are dual-rapiers, longswords, and claws. Now the rapiers and longswords, both mainhand and offhand together, costs 300k tokens, enough for 3 million Dungoneering experience. The claws, in total, only costs 200k tokens, which, by comparison, is only 2 million Dungeoneering experience. To pay off for the lower cost of tokens, it requires dragon claws from the Grand Exchange, which costs 2m for a set, give or take. 2m is nothing compared to 100k tokens in my eyes, so if you’re going the dual-wielding option, claws are best. Plus, the claws’ critical bonus makes it out-damage the rapiers and longswords over a long period of time.

The other big contender, however, is the Chaotic maul. This costs only 200k tokens with no other external cost, making it a cheap alternative to claws. However, when comparing both claws and the maul, claws still come out on top… in most practical situations. This is because dual-wielding abilities, for the most part, are much better than two-handed abilities. For example, claws have access to both Destroy and Flurry to replace both Hurricane and Quake. Destroy does a lot of damage to a single target, stunning for 6 seconds in top of it. Flurry is an Area of Effect (AoE) attack, similar to Hurricane and Quake, except that Flurry does much more damage than BOTH Hurricane and Quake combined. However, the maul does have a handy basic ability in the form of Smash, which disables protection prayers on your opponent in PvP. On ultimates, though, Pulverise for two-handers is very useful for cutting down damage from various bosses like Corporeal Beast, God Wars Dungeon, and others such bosses. Meteor Strike is worthless compared to Overpower though, thanks to its lesser maximum hit and arbitrary 50% LP above limit. On dual-wielding, you’ve got both Massacre and Frenzy. Massacre isn’t too good, only dealing as much as Overpower, and Frenzy is only a slightly stronger version of Destroy that hits all enemies on the square in front of you and doesn’t stun. All and all, the ultimates doesn’t help much, though Pulverise is a great ultimate compared to the other style-specific ones.

In the end, you’ve got a choice: if you want to perform moderately well at PvM with the loss of Destroy and Flurry but do well in PvP with Smash, it’s the maul. If you feel like maximizing damage output under a short amount of time, claws are the best way to go.


This is the set of Chaotics that got the short-end of the stick with EoC mechanics. Dual Chaotic crossbows cost 300k tokens in total. However, outside of Dungeoneering, there are two other level 80 Ranged weapons at greater availability: the Zaryte bow and royal crossbow. The Zaryte bow can be freely purchased on the Grand Exchange for around ~80m, while the royal crossbow can be made by doing the quest Song from the Depths, getting the coral crossbow, buying the royal crossbow pieces from the Grand Exchange for 2m in total, then forging it together and taking it to a Queen Black Dragon fight to complete it (though it also does require 70 Smithing and 60 Summoning).

Not to mention, there’s barely much difference between two-hands and dual-wielding in Ranged. Dazing Shot and Needle Strike both do the same amount of damage, but Dazing Shot causes your target’s next attack to be 10% less accurate and Needle Strike gives your next shot a flat 10% critical chance increase chance. The critical chance Needle Strike gives does make it hit harder than Dazing Shot, but overall, there’s not much of a gap compared to two-handers and dual-wielding for Melee. Also, the two ultimates Incendiary Shot and Unload, two abilities rarely used anyway, both hold very

All and all, it’s not terrible, especially since you can use the mainhand crossbow in tandem with a shield, but they’re simply outclassed in terms of damage and availability. Go for these as your very last pieces of Dungeoneering equipment.


Now this is where it’s at.

The Chaotic staff is one of the best Chaotics to get; perhaps even the best. The most easily accessable level 80 Magic weapon for most (the Virtus wand and book, the staff’s level 80 cousins, costs around 130m for a set), it’s also most likely to be the chaotic to stick with the most due to the inane cost of seismics.

Final Words

So comparing the maul, claws, and staff, the chaotic staff is probably the first chaotic you should get first. Since the other high-leveled Magic alternatives are expensive, the chaotic staff will serve you longer than the other alternatives. Afterwards, however, comes the maul and claws. Like I said in the Melee section, it all comes down to if you PvP or PvM more.

Hope this helps you in choosing your first chaotic. I’ll see you another time.

~ Evil Lucario


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