My Luck at Ascension Legiones

Now that summer is in full force, we can now devote more time into the blog. Expect more posts afterwards to come soon.

Since a few weeks ago, I only owned one pair of level 90 weapons: drygore rapiers. The rest of my arsenal of weapons came in the form of Death Lotus darts (85) and a chaotic staff (80).

That all changed, however, when I was training Slayer and received an Order of Ascension task. At that point, I was dreading the prospect of killing mass amounts of gladii, which was what I normally fought as my Ascension creature. However, by that point, a friend of mine had already created over 30+ Ascension crossbows. Since I saw his insane profit over his many crossbows, I decided to give them a shot myself. So I bought 20 Secundus keystones and used them all up, but I didn’t get a signet. I bought 20 more keystones, and got the signet after the 7th key out of that batch. All and all, it took me 27 kills for the Secundus signet.

I felt both encouraged and scared at thatpoint. On one hand, I got a signet from one of the legiones within a reasonable time frame. On another, it was one of the cheapest signets, and it didn’t tell me how my next few experiences with the other legiones will play out.

Despite the potential dangers, however, I still decided to presson. My next target was Sextus, so I boguht more keys and moved onto him. However, for Sextus, I actually got quite lucky: I only needed 9 kills for the signet! I was ecstatic – at that point, I was certain I made a profit already. So I moved onto the rest of the legiones: Legio Tertius went down in 69 kills, Legio Quartus 63, Legio Primus 21, and finally Legio Quintus at 79.

jagexlauncher 2014-05-28 23-14-22-707

One of the best feelings in the world.

All and all, after selling the loot and buying a dragon crossbow, I ended up with an Ascension crossbow that ended up 30m cheaper than the original Grand Exchange price. It was only a modest profit (relatively), but I was still proud of myself for creating a crossbow. I decided from the get-go that if I ever got an Ascension crossbow, I would keep it over sell it. And keep it I did, even though my money pouch was literally below 400k.

After some time rebuilding my money pouch at the Kalphite King, I decided to head back. Since then, I created four more crossbows, totaling to five Ascension crossbows created in total. I kept the second for myself, and used my newfound dual Ascensions crossbows for everything combat related – Slayer, bossing, even into the Wilderness at one point! Well, with offhand Death Lotus darts in the Wilderness, but regardless, they were amazing for my PvM endeavors.

Profit from my crossbows were:

#1: 30m (kept)
#2: 130m (kept)
#3: 135m
#4: 50m
#5: 40m
#6: 140m

All and all, they’re fantastic profit, and I highly recommend killing Ascension legiones if you have the Slayer level and money to spare. If you’re afraid of getting a loss from creating a crossbow, camp rorarii or gladii for keystones or try the cheaper legiones first, leaving Legio Primus and Quintus for last.

Key points to remember when creating a crossbow:

• There’s always a chance for loss. However, the chances of a loss is much lower than a chance of a net profit.

• The drop rate of keystones from the normal creatures and signets from legiones is 1/64.

• The price of a mainhand Ascension crossbow is roughly the same as 64 of each keystones, a dragon crossbow, and 100 Ascension shards added up together.

• Your profit or loss hinges almost exclusively on your luck on getting a signet from Legio Primus or Quintus. Going on a 100+ drystreak for any of the legiones would also cut into your profit.

All and all, if you ever wind up creating an Ascension crossbow, best of luck to you!

~ Evil Lucario


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