Twice is Better Than Once

Recently I’ve finally achieved maximum combat level! Its sort of odd seeing everyone’s combat levels in yellow instead of an orange or a red, but I’ve finally done it. My first combat 99 was Defense which I got a few weeks into 2014, next I decided to shoot for 99 Attack. I didn’t grind for it, I started with it at level 91 and decided to just train it whenever I went out to kill some Frost Dragons or a slayer task. And slowly but surely I made the levels until finally I hit 99 Attack. In the process I made quite a bit of good spending money. However, as the huge combat update draws nearer my max combat won’t stay forever. Soon I’ll need to reach 99 in Prayer, Summoning, Range, and the others. But it’ll be fun to reach true mastery once again.

Next combat 99? Magic, but it won’t be for a while.99 Defence


My 99 Defense.

My 99 Attack.




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