Livid Farming and My Road to Completion

So lately, I’ve been doing a lot of Completionist cape related things. Just yesterday, I’ve finished up every single task diary within the game, checking off one of many tasks required for it.

As of now, this is all that is required for me to get my Completionist cape:



Now I’m actually planning on getting 120 Dungeoneering last, but I discovered that Livid Farm is best done before 99 in all stats since it gives ample Farming and Magic experience. So at the moment, I’m doing that.

jagexlauncher 2014-07-02 14-01-07-612

So far, I have three spells unlocked out of the eleven spells. and I’m planning on getting one spell per day, meaning I have over a week left of gameplay to finish up that spreads across over 32 remaining hours.

Ugh. Help me.



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