Niche Equipment: Part 1

This is a part of a new series of successive posts that pertain to specific niche equipment that can prove to be very useful to those willing to go through the mettle of combat. Sit back and enjoy.

Welcome to Part 1 of Niche Equipment. Throughout the next month, there will be a post every Monday, up to a total of four editions of Niche Equiment. So without further ado, here comes the list.

  • Godswords (GS)

They’re a top choice for people needing level 75 weapons, but even maxed players like me can find uses for them and they lie in how well their special attacks influence combat. These come in four different flavors: Zamorak, Bandos, Armadyl, and Saradomin.

The first to mention is probably the most situational one: the Zamorak godsword (ZGS). While this does decent damage, the freeze only matters much for PvP when you need to stop someone in their tracks. Not bad, but its left behind in a PvM-dominated RuneScape and Ice Barrage outclasses it in almost every way, except this special attack is Melee-based.

The other three are extremely good, however – at least for PvM.

The Bandos godsword (BGS) special attack is a heavy cost in terms of adrenaline (100%, same as an ultimate), but it’s very useful for PvM, as it drains armor rating of the target, making it extremely desirable for high-leveled bossing with one main target. The Defence drains are noticable, and you’ll find that it’s a handy tool that can really make a difference for bossing.

The Armadyl godsword’s (AGS), though more PvP-based for landing a big hit to knock-out your opponent, has its merits for PvM too with a skillful ability rotation. You can use Berserk and build up to Assault to use that. When you hit 50% adrenaline, you can finish Assault then right after use the special attack. You’ll do more than what you can normally accomplish with just Berserk, Assault, and one hit of Destroy. It’s useless with adrenaline potions however, considering Berserk with Assault and Destroy does more than suggested.

Finally, there’s the Saradomin godsword (SGS). Since its return as a special weapon, it is possible to stack the special attack with Berserk, easily hitting above 8k and healing for 4k LP. Though this is risky and not worth doing for bosses, this is amazing to use for Slayer and eliminates the need for Soul Split and food for all levels.

  • Demon slayer equipment

This is classified as two groups: Darklight and demon slayer armor.

Darklight is a reward from the quest Shadow of the Storm and is probably the best weapon against demons. When equipped, damage and accuracy is doubled. Too bad Darklight has pitiful stats, meaning that bonus is useless… right?

Wrong. Because damage and accuracy works off of your raw stats, weapon, and offhand weapon, you can attach your best offhand weapon and watch as you out-damage everything against demons.

UPDATE: Now that was regular Darklight. It had slightly less accuracy than drygores despite its higher damage. So what’s next up? Another upgrade to Darklight, unofficially dubbed Enhanced Darklight.

Enhanced Darklight carries an even bigger boost to accuracy and damage. If you missed a few bit on demons, oh boy get a load of this! You will have infinite accuracy with a high enough Attack level and/or additional accuracy boosts, and the damage boost is also increased from 2x to 2.5x. It’s extremely easy to hit the damage cap (10k/12k) with Berserk, and you can one-hit many of the low-mid leveled demons.

Demon slayer armor is also extremely powerful as well. If on a Slayer task with a Slayer helmet with all other four pieces of armor, you’ve got a damage boost of over 30%. Even without a Slayer task, wearing the set gives you a reasonable damage boost over 15%. That’s not even accounting that this piece of armor is a very cheap, effective level 60 Power armor for Ranged, easily substituting Armadyl armor from God Wars Dungeon. Plus, it looks awesome.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, demon slayer armor isn’t as good as Enhanced Darklight. However, it is still a great option if you prefer training Ranged.

  • Enhanced Excalibur (EE)

An offhand weapon with level 72 weapon damage and level 70 accuracy, this is the reward from doing the Hard Seers’ Village Tasks. When equipped, you can go into your equipment screen and do a right-click activate function to heal 2,000 LP over 20 seconds. Completing the Elite Tasks of the same area doubles the effect, healing 4,000 LP over 40 seconds. To compare, it heals roughly the same (a bit higher even!) as Guthix’s Blessing, Rejuvenate, and Ice Asylum. EE’s special can also be used without using up any adrenaline or special attack energy, meaning you can use it every five minutes for a free 4,000 LP. The timer even resets every time you log out to the lobby or out of the game, meaning you can abuse the free healing as much as you want.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can even unequip EE after the special is activated and it will still heal you, allowing a quick switch and activate then going back to your main offhand weapon. Overall, this is a fantastic Task reward, probably the single best one in the entire game. Maybe Prifddinas’s release of a new weapon as a task could be even better? For now however, this is by far the best Task reward in my opinion.

That concludes this week’s Niche Equipment. Come back next Wednesday for more!

~Evil Lucario


5 thoughts on “Niche Equipment: Part 1

  1. XP Waist

    Does the 30% boost from the Demon Slayer armor + Slayer Helm work on K’ril while on Greater Demons task? Can I substitute the Demon Slayer crossbows for something better (CCBs, Ascs, etc.) and still get this boost? Also, is this 30% boost strictly for range or for all combat styles?

    1. Evil Lucario Post author

      Unfortunately, demon slayer does not work for K’ril. Only the Slayer helmet boost will work.

      Each demon slayer piece gives a 4% boost to damage, so 4 pieces of demon slayer = 16%. A mighty Slayer helmet gives a 14% boost, and they add up to a total of 30%. 6 pieces of demon slayer (which includes crossbows) with a mighty Slayer helmet equals a 38% damage boost, but lack of power because of the level 60 weapons makes it a weak choice compared to level 80+ weapons. So yes, you can substitute the crossbows for better ones.

      Finally, though demon slayer is classified as Ranged armor, it does seem to apply to Melee and Magic however. The thing is, it’s a very minute difference (only a 3% boost from testing with Melee with demon slayer armor using Massacre bleeds), so you’re better off using Darklight + offhand and normal power armor with a Slayer helmet.

      TL;DR: Demon slayer doesn’t work on K’ril, you can replace crossbows with better ones, and though it works with Melee and Magic, the damage bonus is weaker than with Ranged, and for Melee Darklight + offhand is almost competitive with it anyways.

      1. XP Waist

        Damn! I suppose I could buy a set for Demon Mob bosses (which are somewhat fun to kill, but a complete waste of time, supplies and XP otherwise!); but, frankly, I don’t see much use for this armor.

      2. XP Waist

        Does the boost on this armor work on Tormented Demons? Just unlocked those, and got them as a task as well.

        Also, on an unrelated note: does Holy Water work on K’ril?

      3. Evil Lucario Post author

        Sadly, it doesn’t, though really even if that worked, it’s only best in a duo because of hybridding necessity.

        Holy water doesn’t work either on K’ril, but I found it fairly weak when using it regardless.

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