Niche Equipment: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Niche Equipment. Throughout the next month, there will be a post every Wednesday, up to a total of four editions of Niche Equiment. So without further ado, here comes the list.

  • Twisted bird/split dragontooth/demon horn necklaces

These Dungeoneering Prayer necklaces restore Prayer points for bones buried, with better bones unlocked through better necklaces and restoring more Prayer as a result. Twisted bird requires 30 Dungeoneering/Prayer and 8,500 tokens and can only bury normal bones and restore 50 Prayer points. Split dragontooth (60 Dungeoneering/Prayer and 17k tokens) moves up to include big bones and restore 100 points. Demon horn (90 Dungeoneering/Prayer and 35k tokens) caps off with adding dragon, ourg, and frost dragon bones and restore 150 points. This is very helpful for Slayer and almost all God Wars Dungeon to keep up a continuous supply of Prayer without taking a single sip of Prayer restore, if at all.

  • Ring of vigour

This ring, which requires 62 Dungeoneering/Attack and 50k tokens reduces all special attack costs by 10% and also allows 10% extra adrenaline to remain after using an ultimate. That extra adrenaline saved per second and minute means you can get more out of your adrenaline per boss fight. Not much to say here, fairly self-explanatory.

  • Amulet of zealots

A Dungeoneering reward that requires 48 Dungeoneering, Prayer, and 48k tokens, this boosts normal Prayers’ potency. With it equipped, Steel Skin, Ultimate Strength, Ultimate Reflexes, and its equivalents in Ranged and Magic go from a 6% boost to a whopping 16% boost. To compare, Turmoil and its equivalents only boost 10%. However, in doing this, you lose the benefits of Strength bonus on a different amulet and gain a pretty hefty negative Prayer bonus, which can drain at supplies more. Turmoil also carries the benefit of draining the opponent’s stat rating to further close the gap between zealots and Turmoil. Despite those negatives however, using a zealots for combat is still a very good choice for those without 95 Prayer, and can even slightly edge over Turmoil if Soul Split is not viable to use and/or the target is immune to Turmoil drains due to higher accuracy from the better Prayer boosts.

That concludes this week’s Niche Equipment. Come back next Wednesday for more!

~Evil Lucario


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