How Degrading Equipment Works

Once players start to level up to the higher level ranges of 70 to even up to 90, they will start to learn to take care of their equipment.

Why? Gear degrading.

Barring some exceptions, every piece of gear above level 70 will degrade from a full charge to 0%, unusable in combat. They all have different ways of degrading however, and this will list them all in one package.

  • Standard degrading

This section covers all of the equipment with the standard usage and degrading rules in the game. These include:

– Torva, Pernix, and Virtus armor
– Drygore weaponry*, Ascension crossbows, seismic wand and singularity, and Noxious weapons
– Virtus wand and book
– Malevolent, vengeful, and merciless kiteshields

The standard rules is that they all last for 10 hours and when fully degraded become unusable and must be repaired before it can be used again. The rest of this section’s description  is standard for all remaining items and groups below unless stated otherwise in their sections.

Degrading also happens on death. If you’re equipping any of these items while dying and you fail to protect it, that item automatically loses 20% charges. However, if it was in your inventory when you died, that item does not degrade. As such, be mindful of what you protect and what not to protect if equipping multiple degradable items.

Once you reach 0% charge, you have two options to repair your gear:

1) Bob in Lumbridge
2) Armor stand in player-owned house

The second option is always the cheaper way, but getting an armor stand requires 55 Construction and a workshop in your house. However, in exchange for that requirement, repairment costs are lowered depending on your Smithing level, which scales up by 0.5% per level. For example, if you have 90 Smithing, repair costs are lowered by 45% (90 * 0.5 = 45), 99 Smithing = 49.5%, and etc.

* Alternatively, chitin scraps bought from the Grand Exchange or using damaged chitin dropped from exiled kalphites on anvils can be used on drygores to repair them, costing 100 scraps per 1% for the mainhand and 50 scraps per 1% for offhand, totaling 15,000 scraps for a full recharge of both weapons combined. Though this method is still not as cheap as 99 Smithing armor stand repairment, it’s still cheaper than Bob’s prices, so therefore at current prices of 176 gp per chitin, it’s best to use them to repair drygores before 83 Smithing.

  • Polypore armor

Polypore armor is made up of fungal, grifolic, and ganodermic armor at level 30, 60, and 75 respectively, They all degrade after 10 hours worth of use like normal, but unlike every other item here on this list, polypore armor turns into a different item after degraded to 0% – mycelium web armor. With a high enough Crafting level that depends on the item itself, you can attach either fungal, grifolic, or ganodermic flakes on the mycelium pieces to turn them into your desired armor piece again. You can even repair partly degraded armor with a fraction of flakes needed to create one from scratch.

  • Dungeoneering rewards

These are made up of two groups: gravite and chaotic.

Gravite are a set of level 55 free-to-play weapons that lasts for 10 hours. Chaotics are members-only level 80 weapons and shields that also last the same amount of time. Nothing too fancy here.

Once degraded as per normal, however, you cannot use it on an armor stand to repair it. Instead, you can take your degraded weapons to the reward trader in Daemonheim. Each recharge from 0% to 100% costs for gravite a choice of either 1,000,000 gp paid or 100,000 gp and 6,500 Dungeoneering tokens, and for chaotics either 2,000,000 gp paid or 200,000 gp and 20,000 tokens.

  • Royal crossbow and Zaryte bow

The royal crossbow and Zaryte bow are level 80 two-handed weapons, which both last for 10 hours of use. However, their repairment and usage differs from the standard rules, which is why these two get their own section.

The royal crossbow, instead of taking it to Bob or an armor stand, must be repaired with royal pieces bought from the Grand Exchange or looted from the Queen Black Dragon. Each piece used recharges by 25% and the same piece may be used consecutively. Currently, the cheapest piece is the royal torsion spring, so buy that. In the grand scheme of things however, they’re all roughly the same price – only differing by an extra 10,000 gp here or there. However, if its degraded to 0%, you must use all four different pieces on them

The Zaryte bow is almost the same as chaotics, but with different degrading. It can fire a total of 60,000 autoattacks. Notice how it’s autoattacks and not abilities. This means that if you use abilities all the time with the bow, you can make it last much longer than the normal 10 hours – with consistent ability use, it can last much longer than even 50 hours worth of combat!

  • Player-owned ports equipment

Player-owned ports gear is the umbrella term for Tetsu, Death Lotus, sea singer’s armor, the Reefwalker’s cape, and the Leviathan ring. They come in two flavors: inferior (tradable and sellable/buyable) and superior (untradable, but higher stats).

Inferior is standard degrading, but instead of being able to be repaired, it degrades to dust, meaning you’ll need to buy another set once yours goes kaput.

Superior is just like chaotics/etc, but it lasts for 12 hours instead of the normal 10. Not much to say here.

  • Level 90 Power armor

These are composed of the malevolent, sirenic, and tectonic armor, along their gloves of razorback gauntlets, Ascension grips, and celestial handwraps. They all degrade to dust, but thankfully it’s not too bad.

Each of these lasts for 60,000 hits taken from beginning to end (yes, even blocks count towards this). This means that if you’re in a combat situation where you’re largely ignored like DPS’ing Vorago or Kalphite King (not as much at KK however because of minion spawns), these pieces of gear can potentially last for a lifetime, extending to the 20-30 hour range or even 50!

Degrade on death is also tweaked. Instead of losing 20%, you only lose 10% of charges. However, losing these charges is still very expensive compared to other degrade-on-death items, so be careful using multiple ones.

  • Barrows equipment

Level 70 weapons and armor from the Barrows minigame, this lasts for roughly 15 hours in combat, which is a higher duration compared to almost every other degrading item.

If you die and fail to protect any Barrows item (even if it was in your inventory!), it will automatically degrade to 0% charge, so be careful if using multiple Barrows sets at once if hybridding. Fairly straightforward otherwise.

  • Ancient Warrior’s Equipment

Like ports gear, there are two versions, if named differently: corrupt and regular.

Corrupt equipment lasts a grand total of 15 minutes before degrading to dust. They do have fairly high levels, as they’re level 65 stats, but they’re completely worthless because of their short warranty.

Normal isn’t that much better. Lasting only an hour before disintegrating, they’re level 78 gear that has Strength bonuses, but they’re outclassed by inferior ports armor simply by virtue of usage.

If you die with these, they don’t degrade on death. However, in a dangerous PvP-situation, they turn into money, which varies depending on the piece dropped. That small benefit does not help their case, however. Avoid using this gear like the plague.

  • Crystal equipment

By equipment, I only mean the bow and shield for now. When attuned crystal weapons come out in Batch 2 of Prifddinas in November, this post will be updated to include them.

Anyway, the crystal bow is a level 70 shortbow that fires self-made arrows, up to a max of 2500 autoattacks before degrading to a tradable crystal seed. Because it only degrades on autoattacks and not abilities, just like the Zaryte bow, the crystal bow can last much longer than 10 hours or so, though not as much as the Zaryte.

The crystal shield is a level 70 Magic shield that, similar to the crystal bow, can take a maximum of 2500 hits before reverting to a crystal seed of its own. However, they don’t degrade on death, so they last a bit longer as a result.

These equipment are very limited, especially the shield, which is already outclassed by the much cheaper at 34k ward of subjugation. They’re a complete skip like Ancient Warrior’s Equipment until attuned crystal weaponry coming in November.

  • Scrimshaws and insignias

Combat pocket items that gives substantial boosts, scrimshaws come from ports and insignias Barbarian Assault with maxed out role of your choice.

Scrimshaws don’t degrade when attacking or getting hit; rather, they run on a timer that goes at the whim of a right-click in the worn equipment screen. You can turn scrimshaws off after at least 10 seconds of initially activating it.

Like the other ports items, there is an inferior and superior version. The inferior version’s timer lasts for 3 hours and superior, in conjunction with a better boost by approximately 30%, lasts 4 hours.

Degrading on death is much, much more penalizing than most other items, however. For both versions, they lose 1 hours of usage per death. In conjunction with both degrading to dust, this could put a major drain on your supplies if you forget too much.

Insignias don’t suffer any degrading on death penalties even when charged, however. Die with them equipped and they don’t suffer any repercussions at all.


That covers the topic of degrading. One final thing to note, however: if you’re fighting the Corporeal Beast, nothing about the degrade-on-death mechanics come to play for some strange reason. This means when fighting the Beast, your charges only go down within combat, so don’t worry about protecting the wrong item there.

Regardless, I hope this post taught you the mechanics of degrading armor and how they work. Be careful at combat and good luck!


7 thoughts on “How Degrading Equipment Works

  1. XP Waist

    I’ve noticed that my RCB degrades rather fast when I use it at Rorarii for a couple of hours. I don’t mind paying for repairs (I believe ALL equipment should degrade); but it gets a bit annoying to have recharge it every 2-3 days. Does a Zaryte bow degrade more slowly than a RCB (FWIW, I use Revolution with ability queuing at Rorarii)?

    1. Evil Lucario Post author

      Hey, sorry for the late reply – was sleeping.

      Anyways, I believe equipment degrade based on hits taken and dealt. So when you’re at rorarii, since you’re attacked by many at once, it could wear out your degradables quicker than desired.

      Also, a Zaryte bow with Revolution + ability queuing will make it last practically forever, like said in the main post. Since I use personally use full manual without ability queuing, I use up an autoattack charge here and there in my bow. If you enter combat by queuing an ability first, you’ll most likely barely use your charges.

  2. XP Waist

    Also, how does the Statius’s warhammer spec work? The Wiki says that it reduce’s the target defence by 30%…but 30% of WHAT?! The damage dealt? The opponent’s maximum defence?

    And would it work on bosses like Araxxor? If so, then how quickly do the bosses recover from the debuff?

    1. Evil Lucario Post author

      I believe Statius’s warhammer special attack drains 30% of your target’s Defence level like pre-EoC? I’m not entirely sure, sorry.

      It might work on Araxxor, but I had a friend who went testing on the Combat Beta 2014 and he tried using Statius’s warhammer and Bandos godsword on Nex, and he found the latter much more effective. Statius’s warhammer only drains visible levels, but the Bandos godsword puts a drain on the armor rating of your target. You can see that bosses have “invisible” armor ratings, as according to the bestiary, things like QBD have level 80 Attack, Ranged, and Defence. Now 80 Defence, according to our stats, is low, but QBD and co have invisible armor so we still hit less accurately, even with high leveled weapons. A Bandos godsword would do far better in letting you hit more accurately. Also, it lasts for the entire time the monster is alive, so you let it land only once at Nex and it will remain active for the rest of the kill. But at Araxxor, considering there are two monsters to kill (Araxxor and Araxxi), you’ll need to use the special attack on both.

      TL;DR: Statius’s warhammer, from what I think, only works by draining target’s Defence levels, and a Bandos godsword’s permenent drain would do better in letting you hit better.

      1. XP Waist

        Thanks so much for the replies! Never actually bothered to look at the BGS (I felt it was just too mainstream, lol), but it sounds like its spec is just as (if not more) useful as the Statius.

  3. Destin

    You know how you said you lose barrows if u dont save it no matter what. Even if its in your inventory you lose it, if you wear it and not save it you lose it. I wanted to know is it the same thing with Regular Tetsu?


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