Niche Equipment: Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of Niche Equipment. Throughout the next month, there will be a post every Wednesday, up to a total of four editions of Niche Equiment. So without further ado, here comes the list.

  • Bane ammunition

Specialized ammunition designed for four specific monsters, these give a 30% accuracy boost and a 40%/25% damage boost for autoattacks and abilities respectively. The mosters affected by bane are dragons, abyssal demons, basilisks, and wallasakis. The latter two die easily enough without bane ammunition, but dragonbane and abyssalbane are worth talking about. Dragonbane with royal/Ascension crossbows ensure a 100% hitchance on the Queen Black Dragon and celestial dragons, even on the former’s Melee/Ranged resistant change.

A side note: attaching an offhand thrown weapon above level 60 (blisterwood stakes or Death Lotus darts) boosts bane’s damage above level 90 weapon damage with much higher accuracy. Since it stacks with demon slayer armor assuming abyssalbane, Ranged becomes the best style to use against abyssal demons, while dragonbane remains the best choice for dragons with ungodly accuracy and damage. You trade in a bit of distance to take advantage of it, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what you gain.

  • Spirit shields

Level 75 shields of all styles that require 75 Prayer and completion of Summer’s End, these shields have the single best damage reduction effect in the entire game. Being shields, they already provide a 7.5% damage reduction bonus, but it gets even better: they have a passive effect of reducing a further 30% of incoming damage. Unfortunately, that comes at the cost of draining your Prayer points by 6% of the unsoaked damage. In short, it means that if you normally get hit by a 1,000, counting damage reduction from armor and Defence levels, your spirit shield will soak it to 700 damage and drain 42 Prayer points. It all adds up over time, and can cause you to get killed at inopportune times.

Though the level 90 shields from Barrows: Rise of the Six can compete with them just fine, spirit shields just trump them in terms of general use. However, you cannot use Provoke with them on Legacy, so it’s a choice between utility and general survival. Also, the increased damage reduction does not work without the sufficient Prayer points and it drains Prayer fast, so use with caution.

  • Onyx bolts (e)

The most expensive ammunition in the game sitting above 8,800 gp (!!!), these are level 80 bolts with a special passive effect of healing 20% of damage you do randomly. Chances of it increases if you do the Elite Seers’ Village tasks. Though the upfront costs is high, remember that abilities don’t use ammunition, and unlike other enchanted bolts these effects work on abilities. Just be careful in using these for obvious reasons.

  • Vulnerability

One of the single most useful utility-based moves in the game, this spell curses the enemy to take a flat 10% extra damage from every attack for the next minute. To put that in perspective, dual Virtus becomes seismics in damage and seismics become a theoretical level 100 weapon. The true beauty of this is that everyone in a boss fight benefits from this hex. For a few seconds of casting, it means heavily ramped up damage from all party members.

That concludes Part 3 of Niche Equipment. See you next Wednesday for the finale!


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