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Smart Scaping: Crwys (Farming & Woodcutting)


Players can find the Crwys clan just east of the Tower of Voices.



One: Four Magic trees.

Two: Choking Ivy and farming shop.

Three: Bush and herb patch.

Four: Two Yew trees and a bank as well as Memoriam Crystal 08.

Five: Elder tree patch.

Six: A Spirit tree.

Seven: Crate containing Memoriam Crystal 02.

Voice of Seren

When the Voice of Seren is active in the Crwy clan players will receive the following buffs, as well as the city wide buffs.

  • Replaces all Bird’s Nest drops with Crystal Geodes (affected by Tree-Shaking Scrimshaw and Strung Rabbit’s Foot, does NOT require 94 Woodcutting).
  • Chance of attracting a Guthixian Butterfly while checking health of crops.
  • Chance of crops skipping growth stages.


Adding Elf City to your daily farm runs is highly profitable, as your crops have the chance of skipping growth stages. Players also have access to another Elder tree farming patch and a regular tree patch in the Trahaearn clan. To receive the of the Crwys title players are required to grow an Elder tree and successfully check its health.


In terms of Woodcutting, some of the best in the game can be found all within Elf City. Only a few clicks away players can find an almost never ending supply of Yew, Ivy, and Magic trees to chop. However, what really makes the deal is the bank chest right next to the woodcutting resources.


In addition to Woodcutting and Farming, players can unlock another Spirit Tree by talking to Glouron with 89 Farming (not boostable). Also Crwys contains 2 Memoriam Crystsals. Finally with 97 Thieving, players can pickpocket Crwys workers for seeds, Supercompost, Brawling Gloves (Firemaking/Woodcutting), as well as other universal loot from Elf workers.


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Smart Scaping: Trahaearn (Mining & Smithing)


The Trahaearn clan in Elf City can be found immediately to the east upon entering the gates of the city.


One: Five Seren Stone deposits

Two: Eight Gem Rock deposits

Three: Eight Coal deposits, six Mithril deposits, two Runite deposits

Four: Eight Adamantite deposits

Five: Four anvils and one forge

Six: Crate containing Memoriam Crystal 07

Seven: One Tree patch

Low Level Mining

While the focus of Trahaearn is on high level mining, a few options exist for those in the lower levels. Coal mining is very efficient as the bank is closer than the deposit box at Living Rock Caverns and there are enough coal deposits to keep you constantly mining. Even if the player cannot access the Seren Stones they still have a chance of receiving Corrupt Ore while mining the other ores in the clan but only while the Voice of Seren is active. Another great mining option are the gem rocks. Anyone who has access to the city will have the ability to mine the gem rocks. Gem rocks can be very rewarding in more than just one way. Firstly, they provide an easy money source as players have the rare chance of mining an uncut Onyx. In addition, the rocks provide many Spirit Gems which are equipped in the pocket slot to save charms during Summoning training.

At exactly an hour of mining (with no Voice of Seren) this was my gatherings, note that my profit would have been tripled if I had received an Onyx.


In addition I received: 6 Spirit Emeralds, 14 Spirit Rubies, 17 Spirit Sapphires, 5 Spirit Diamonds, and 8 Spirit Dragonstones. I was filling my inventory around every 7 and a half minutes.

All in all, gem rocks aren’t very profitable if you don’t get lucky with an Onyx. However, they have the ability to save you countless charms while summoning.

High Level Mining

By far the biggest draw to the Trahaearn clan is the Seren Stones. Comparable to ivy for miners or Living Rock Caverns, these rocks offer effortless mining and are currently the best in the game for exp rates. While mining Seren Stones, players will receive Corrupt Ore, a stackable resource which can be ‘destroyed’ at a forge for smithing exp. Constantly receiving Corrupt Ore is not a guarantee, instead players will receive it around every two or three successful mines.

Upon mining 100 Corrupt Ore players will receive ‘of the Trahaearn’ tite.

At 99 Mining with a Dragon Pickax I’ve been getting almost exactly 200 Corrupt Ore per hour, regardless of the Voice of Seren. With the Voice of Seren active I received exactly 185k Mining exp, without the Voice of Seren players can expect to average between 100k-120k Mining exp an hour dependent on levels.

With full boost and double exp players can reach upwards of 400k Mining exp an hour! Making it by far the fastest method of training in the game.


Exactly 1,500 Corrupt Ore can be smithed per hour, granting a player 225k Smithing exp an hour or 270k Smithing exp if the Voice of Seren is active. This is a great option for Smithing if a player cannot afford other methods, however gathering the ore is slow but provides quality Smithing rates per hour.

After a player has destroyed 100 Corrupt Ore they can speak to Lady Trahaearn located at the Seren Stones to receive a Smithing lamp worth 50k exp.


Pick-pocketing from Trahaearn workers can grant players ores, smelted bars, Dwarven Stout, and Brawling Gloves (Smithing & Mining). These rewards are unique to the Trahaearn workers only.

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Elf City Guides Database

We’ve put together a detailed guides to the city to show you the best skilling spots, hidden content, as well efficiency training. Since this is a massive city its naturally a huge guide which covers everything you need to know, thus its been split into the different clans of the city. Below you’ll find links to each clan held in the city for further detail about them.

Still trying to get into the city? We got a guide for that too.


Miscellaneous Content & City Overview

Iorwerth (Melee & Slayer)

Cadarn (Ranged & Magic)

Trahaearn (Mining & Smithing)

Crwys (Farming & Woodcutting)


Coming November:

Ithell (Construction & Crafting)

Amlodd (Divination & Summoning)

Hefin (Agility & Prayer)

Meilyer (Dungeoneering & Herblore)

Smart Scaping: How to Prepare for Elf City

Elf City is coming. Soon the crystal gates will be opened to Prifddinas and massive content and rewards will  lie behind it.

However, just like anything it’ll be a long road to unlocking those doors. So while we wait for the epic release planned in September, now is no better time then to start preparing yourself.

What We’ll Get

At the start of all this I had no idea what to expect for this big update. I figured that we’d get another Varrock or Falador: a fun little city to explore but after that nothing really to keep you there. However, as they began to release the player polls and gave us more information behind the update I soon saw just how wrong I was.

Not only are we getting another Varrock but also a Varrock with skilling hot spots. Places to go to train a certain skill in a way that’s the most efficient or a method which grants valuable rewards. Basically the skills that are being ‘included’ in the update are getting a mini revamp, more rewards as well as different/better ways in which to train them.

Basic Requirements

The funny thing is, I think alot of people are going to forget that this is a quest update and that this quest requires quite a few quest requirements. I think for most people they are viewing this as a new city to explore, but this city comes with a quest. I’ve not gotten myself all the way through the quest requirements for Prifddinas  but I can safely say for the most part its a fun series. I would say that the quest content isn’t that amazing, alot of boring grinds to get through locations (Underground Pass, and then navigating through the Elf woods) however the plot behind these quests is very well thought out.

So with that said, here are the quests that need to be completed before starting Plague’s End (the upcoming new quest):

Within the Light

-Mourning’s End Part II

–Mourning’s End Part I

—Big Chompy Bird Hunting

—Sheep Herder

—Roving Elves

—-Waterfall Quest


—–Underground Pass


——-Plague City

Catapult Construction

Outside of these quests you’ll also need to have at least level 75 in a slue of skills: Construction, Dungeoneering, Agility, Crafting, Herblore, Mining, Prayer, Summoning.

Additional Suggested Requirements

Outside of those quests and the required skill levels that’s all that is needed to start and complete the quest (to date). However, there is still other things you could meet to further help you out on the quest. The major thing would be skill levels. I highly recommend reaching 85 or 90 in those above required skills.

The reason being is that it’ll give you twice as much content to use once you’ve gotten inside the city. Inside the city there is different skill ‘clans’, in those clans you can train certain skills using new methods. At higher levels you unlock better rewards and xp rates.


Overall its going to be a great update. RuneScape will be getting another skilling hub with massive new content to use. I myself am looking forward to this update the most this fall. Although its still in development Jagex said they are shooting for the first batch of content to be released at the beginning of September. As they said they would be splitting the update into two halves. Anyway, enjoy the update and start grinding those Agility levels!!


Smart Scaping: Your First Chaotic

Welcome to a monthly edition of RuneScape guides called Smart Scaping, where me and Ar-Kelvar alternate each month uploading an offical, in depth guide. Anyways, sit back and enjoy the guide.

Once upon a time, Chaotic weaponry were the best in their respective slots in combat. Nowadays, they’re degraded to second-best (third for a certain pair), but they’re still worth buying, in my eyes.

But which Chaotic to buy first? Well, that’s where this post comes in.


Here’s a no-brainer, for the most part. For Melee, there are dual-rapiers, longswords, and claws. Now the rapiers and longswords, both mainhand and offhand together, costs 300k tokens, enough for 3 million Dungoneering experience. The claws, in total, only costs 200k tokens, which, by comparison, is only 2 million Dungeoneering experience. To pay off for the lower cost of tokens, it requires dragon claws from the Grand Exchange, which costs 2m for a set, give or take. 2m is nothing compared to 100k tokens in my eyes, so if you’re going the dual-wielding option, claws are best. Plus, the claws’ critical bonus makes it out-damage the rapiers and longswords over a long period of time.

The other big contender, however, is the Chaotic maul. This costs only 200k tokens with no other external cost, making it a cheap alternative to claws. However, when comparing both claws and the maul, claws still come out on top… in most practical situations. This is because dual-wielding abilities, for the most part, are much better than two-handed abilities. For example, claws have access to both Destroy and Flurry to replace both Hurricane and Quake. Destroy does a lot of damage to a single target, stunning for 6 seconds in top of it. Flurry is an Area of Effect (AoE) attack, similar to Hurricane and Quake, except that Flurry does much more damage than BOTH Hurricane and Quake combined. However, the maul does have a handy basic ability in the form of Smash, which disables protection prayers on your opponent in PvP. On ultimates, though, Pulverise for two-handers is very useful for cutting down damage from various bosses like Corporeal Beast, God Wars Dungeon, and others such bosses. Meteor Strike is worthless compared to Overpower though, thanks to its lesser maximum hit and arbitrary 50% LP above limit. On dual-wielding, you’ve got both Massacre and Frenzy. Massacre isn’t too good, only dealing as much as Overpower, and Frenzy is only a slightly stronger version of Destroy that hits all enemies on the square in front of you and doesn’t stun. All and all, the ultimates doesn’t help much, though Pulverise is a great ultimate compared to the other style-specific ones.

In the end, you’ve got a choice: if you want to perform moderately well at PvM with the loss of Destroy and Flurry but do well in PvP with Smash, it’s the maul. If you feel like maximizing damage output under a short amount of time, claws are the best way to go.


This is the set of Chaotics that got the short-end of the stick with EoC mechanics. Dual Chaotic crossbows cost 300k tokens in total. However, outside of Dungeoneering, there are two other level 80 Ranged weapons at greater availability: the Zaryte bow and royal crossbow. The Zaryte bow can be freely purchased on the Grand Exchange for around ~80m, while the royal crossbow can be made by doing the quest Song from the Depths, getting the coral crossbow, buying the royal crossbow pieces from the Grand Exchange for 2m in total, then forging it together and taking it to a Queen Black Dragon fight to complete it (though it also does require 70 Smithing and 60 Summoning).

Not to mention, there’s barely much difference between two-hands and dual-wielding in Ranged. Dazing Shot and Needle Strike both do the same amount of damage, but Dazing Shot causes your target’s next attack to be 10% less accurate and Needle Strike gives your next shot a flat 10% critical chance increase chance. The critical chance Needle Strike gives does make it hit harder than Dazing Shot, but overall, there’s not much of a gap compared to two-handers and dual-wielding for Melee. Also, the two ultimates Incendiary Shot and Unload, two abilities rarely used anyway, both hold very

All and all, it’s not terrible, especially since you can use the mainhand crossbow in tandem with a shield, but they’re simply outclassed in terms of damage and availability. Go for these as your very last pieces of Dungeoneering equipment.


Now this is where it’s at.

The Chaotic staff is one of the best Chaotics to get; perhaps even the best. The most easily accessable level 80 Magic weapon for most (the Virtus wand and book, the staff’s level 80 cousins, costs around 130m for a set), it’s also most likely to be the chaotic to stick with the most due to the inane cost of seismics.

Final Words

So comparing the maul, claws, and staff, the chaotic staff is probably the first chaotic you should get first. Since the other high-leveled Magic alternatives are expensive, the chaotic staff will serve you longer than the other alternatives. Afterwards, however, comes the maul and claws. Like I said in the Melee section, it all comes down to if you PvP or PvM more.

Hope this helps you in choosing your first chaotic. I’ll see you another time.

~ Evil Lucario