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2014 Resolu – I Mean, Goals…

It’s time to sit back and reminisce about the past year and other accomplishments. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since 2013 passed by, and it was a hugely accomplishing year. Like Ar-Kelvar in his last post, I’ve got some goals to share with you all.

Right now, here’s my stats from the end of 2013:

My stats, thanks to Maxcape.com for the picture.

My stats, thanks to Maxcape.com for the picture.

By comparison, I was at a total level of around 1800 at the beginning of 2013 with no 99s. Though I’m extremely proud of my achievements, I’m going to up the ante for my goals. So here it is:

My 2014 goal for RuneScape is the max cape.

A lofty goal, eh? It will take quite a bit of time, but if I keep at it every day, it’ll become achievable in my eyes.


Five Things That Need Change In 2014

It’ll be a new year for everyone in under a week, a chance to get started on the right foot and make progress in the year ahead. RuneScape will undoubtedly look to do the same. I took a moment to pull together somethings that I thought were important for RuneScape to change, add, or remove for a successful 2014.

Dead Content

Everyone hates to see dead content, it represents wasted time and unwanted content. Since RuneScape is well over 10 years old it has alot of  dead content laying around,  more than one would think if a closer look is given. RuneScape needs to specifically address this problem in the new year, whether its to instance mini games, remove unused content, or buff the content. This is desperately needed to happen in 2014 for RuneScape.

Updated Graphics

HTML5 didn’t work out this summer and probably won’t make it ingame for at least another 6-12 months depending on browser development. HTML5 was a chance to give RuneScape better graphics without specifically updating certain areas of the game. However, I think many places need to be singled out and graphically overhauled for 2014, HTML5 won’t be seen ingame for a long time so something needs to be done in the mean time. So far RuneScape has done a fairly good job keeping most of the surface world looking relatively up to snuff. However, there are still countless places that stand out like a black eye. In this day and age people wan’t good graphics, in fact its probably the most looked for thing in a game, and with current advanced game engines most gaming companies can deliver this. Sadly, because RuneScape is a browser game, its usually been in the back of the pack in the high graphic stampede. However, the areas RuneScape have recently upgraded have looked significantly better than previous graphics. RuneScape needs to go over the major cities/areas in the game in 2014, it’ll bring a renewed interest in the game for older players as well as bring in new ones.

More Land

I’ll admit this is a bit of a stretch for 2014 and RuneScape themselves have said they aren’t currently planning on adding to the base map of RuneScape. I feel, though, that RuneScape desperately needs more land, not really because of all the players, but because of all the new content. The new content is great and I love nearly all of it, but soon its going to start to feel even more cluttered than it already does. With dead content laying around and new updates coming out weekly I feel like the current footprint of the basic RuneScape ground level is way too small. This game has been around since around 2000, if they want to last another 14 years they will need to drastically increase the map to fit in everything.

Skill Makeover

Many of the skills in RuneScape have not received a update of a reasonable size in a long while. Once RuneScape releases the new skill next summer they need to focus on the old ones. Countless players would be ecstatic if Construction got a massive makeover. I know going through all the skills and changing them to adapt with the current game would take countless months, but in 2014 RuneScape needs to start the process. Firemaking, Woodcutting, Crafting, Mining,  Smithing, Construction, and  many other skills are extremely outdated for current RuenScape. Most of these skills are pretty much useless to level except for bragging rights. RuneScape could turn the boring, grinding skills into something extremely desirable, doing so would give players more incentive to actually level those unneeded skills. Remaking the older skills would nearly have the same effect as making a new skill altogether, and would bring back a huge chunk of the player base.

The Wilderness

I can remember when The Wilderness was the place to be. On pretty much any world you could find countless people in Edgeville and the Wilderness, now its completely dead on any world. For years people have been drawing away from the wilderness, deeming it not worth the effort, however EoC was the killing blow. Although a fan of the EoC I will admit the system is bad for PvP. Rangers have the upper hand for PvP, they have the best abilities for binding and stunning, and have the best setups that deliver good damage but don’t cost much. RuneScape needs to change the abilities in the Wilderness to perform better. I feel like whoever gets the first hit has the advantage and the fights go way to quickly. With the EoC players can deal massive amounts of damage in a short period of time, forcing the other player to eat alot to stay alive. If you eat you lose adrenaline as well as a attack sequence. In PvP it can quickly turn into a downward spiral as one player is tanking all the damage and trying to stay alive without getting any hits on the other player who is building adrenaline giving them better abilities to use. The whole system isn’t equal, and needs to be changed for the PKers to come back.  I’m not suggesting an overall system change but a change for when you are in a PvP zone. Abilities need to be altered, restricted, and altogether removed for successful PvP. Sadly RuneScape have dug themselves a hole in this, the EoC has had over a year of updates and fixes which only make it harder and longer to alter it for the Wilderness. It would take alot of effort to even out PvP, but if RuneScape could pull it off successfully countless players would come back, the economy would balance out, and a very important part of RuneScape would be revived.

I know just these 5 update ideas are a year worth of work for RuneScape, and I’m not expecting all of it to come into the game. However, if RuneScape can start progress towards these goals as well as produce some of them it’ll be a great year and many players would have renewed interest in the game.



Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season, as I am! With that said, Scape Smart will be dormant for a few days during Christmas. Never fear though! With the new year coming up we will have lots to write about so expect some good posts about wrapping up 2013, looking ahead to 2014 updates, insight on what RuneScape needs to do for 2014, and much more!

Merry Christmas everyone!!


Our Impressions of The Bird and the Beast

A few days ago, the next World Event, The Bird and the Beast, was released. It pitted Armadyl and Bandos against each other, and it will end in one of the two dying. Below are our experiences with it.


Overall, the game mechanics of World Event 2 are far better than World Event 1, the Battle of Lumbridge.  I joined Bandos, not just for the rewards, but as a Guthix follower to achieve balance. I knew from the start Bandos was going to be fighting an uphill battle, but I am still a little disappointed on just how large that ‘hill’ is.

I feel like Jagex could have made the event a little bit closer in the scoring technique. I don’t think the scoring should be based off how many players are on each side, but more on the strategy at which that team plays at. Of course, there is some strategy involved in scoring, but Bandos is so outnumbered on populated worlds they just get manhandled regardless.

However, I found Bandos to be more strong on lower populated worlds and found a FC (Friends Chat) I could join which ruled over one game world. In the low populated worlds, the fighting is more even, making the event more enjoyable. Strategy actually does play a role in those worlds giving the Event another dimension.

The PvP in the event is great, giving players a new interest to the long dead Wilderness. However, as I thought it would, the damage scaling isn’t that impressive as higher level players can still plow through the lower levels.

Overall the Event was just as exciting as I anticipated it would be, regardless of the massively uneven teams. The rewards are far better in the event and renown easier to obtain.

Evil Lucario:

First off, let me start by stating I have joined Bandos to even out the scales of the conflict. As a member of the Godless, I wanted to even out the sides so both can be sufficiently be weakened enough so they end up taking each other out.

Anyways, I have to say that I’m enjoying this event immensely. There’s so much more to do than in the Battle of Lumbridge. The Battle of Lumbridge was fairly bare-bones, with only traditional skilling and killing random soldiers filtered through the other side. The Bird and the Beast goes back to the drawing board and establishes new things to do. This time, because either Bandos or Armadyl will die from this conflict, the stakes are, consequently, much higher. Across the free-to-play map, you can build structures related to your god, tear down opposing structures, engage in PvP, protect convoys of divine energy harvested by members of your faction, and destroy other convoys.

Unfortunately, because of the heavy imbalance between Bandos and Armadyl, expect to either be completely slaughtered by a horde or curbstomp the opponent. However, in my case, I find myself winning more solo fights than not, even with my opponent using food. However, despite also losing many other fights, PvP is extremely fun and is worth sinking time into. The one complaint I have is the damage scaling. As it’s still in the working process since The Death of Chivalry, this system still has a long road ahead of it. I can take down level 200s with level 70 armor no problem, but I struggle more against lower levels because of my lowered inflicted damage and their heavily-buffed damage to me.

For instance, I can take down a level 200 using dual drygores with us fairly equal. However, against, say, a level 150, even though I’m using dual drygore maces, I find myself barely hitting above 700 with basic abilities while that level 150 can constantly hit 1000s+ on me. Though I appreciate Jagex’s consideration that lower-levels might not have a chance to partake in the event because of packs of level 200s, they went a little overboard with it and instead favors the underdog too much.

Otherwise, this is a fun and very enjoyable event to take part of. So get out there and support your side! I’ll be at World 22 fighting in the meantime, if anyone’s interested.

P.S. Use shields. They’re a great choice in PvP, more so than dual wielding and two-handed weaponry.

~ Ar-Kelvar & Evil Lucario

RuneScape’s New Rares

Over the months after the release of the Sequel of Fortune, Jagex has used it to sneak in a few rares. They haven’t really called them rares, but basically they are. Tradeable rewards added to the game through the SoF for a short period of time before being discontinued.

Fish Masks

Christmas Tree Hat

Crown of Seasons

These are the rares that have been added to SoF as of date.

Now, however, Jagex is adding a ‘legitimate’ rare and actually admitting it. For 15 days this December players will have a chance to win crackers, which could grant players a Black Santa hat.


Players will be able to get crackers through skilling, killing, as well as other events.

Of course the reception has been split, some players don’t mind this new addition to rares, while others have contrary feelings.  I personally don’t really mind the addition of the new ‘rares’ its basically the same as adding any other hard to get high level reward to the game. Actually, I’m pretty excited about the Black Santa hat, it’ll give me a chance to get an expensive item which has a chance of becoming rare. As I’m not very wealthy in game, I’m naturally drawn to rares and consider them pretty neat, and with new ones being released its giving me a chance to actually get one as I can’t afford any of the others.

However, I feel that if Jagex intends to add new rares to the game they need to stop releasing them through the SoF. It gives a unfair advantage to those willing to spend money on spins. If they want new rares they need to release it through game content which everyone can participate in.

Overall I’m excited to have a shot to land my hands on a Black Santa hat, and hopefully players can see that these new rares, if released within reason, are not harming the economy or the game.

How to Prepare for World Event Two

It’s coming, in under a week players will be battling it out to protect one of two gods, in what will be RuneScape’s second World Event, this time, featuring no one other than Bandos and Armadyl. With time closing in, everyone’s starting to prepare, and with us we’ll let you know the top ways to prepare for The Bird and the Beast epic World Event 2!

Divination Training

It has been stated many times by RuneScape that Divination will play a big role in this event. Divine tears have dried up since the last event and players will need to support their gods in other methods, one of these ways is through divination skilling in the event. While in the last event your skill levels did not matter it is still a good idea to get to a high Divination level. This will give you a good understanding of the skill, and if there is a chance that your level does have influence then you are well prepared.

You can start training Divination south-east of Draynor.

Missing, Presumed Death

This is the latest Sixth Age quest and it prepares you for World Event 2 in more ways than one. If you haven’t finished the quest then now would be a good time to do so. You’ll be able to see the gods Bandos and Armadyl for the first time as well as get some background lore information leading up to this event.

You can start the quest north of the Dig Site.


Safe player killing is going to feature in this World Event! Through PvP, players will be able to get juicy Prayer exp, support their god, and bust some skulls of those on the opposing team. While this isn’t the main way to participate in the event, it looks like you can heavily benefit from it. So dust off your PvP skills, get some practice, stock up on food, and find your old PvP armor so you’ll dominate the other players! The PvP will be across nearly the whole game world and you’ll be able to kill anyone of any level. However, there will be damage scaling so high combat levels can’t cream the lower levels. Its good to note that you will be able to toggle off the PvP aspect of the Event after it starts.

Tip: RuneScape is new to combat and damage scaling, right after the event starts I’m sure it wont be operating at 100%, so you might have a easier chance of killing someone of a different combat level than you. With that said, get out there and start training!

Understanding Event Mechanics 

It appears that this event will be more complicated than the first World Event. There will be more ways to help your god and better rewards. Having an understanding of the event mechanics and background is very important, especially before the event is released, the Behind the Scenes video for this event will give you a better understanding of how exactly the Event is going to work.

Don’t forget! Which ever god loses dies permanently within the game, so choose wisely and good luck!

A Break For The Holiday

Hey everyone, and thanks for reading! 🙂

‘Scape Smart is going dormant for the next week as we take a break for Thanksgiving. Don’t worry, we’ll be back in a few days. Take a break from RuneScape, everyone, and take some time to enjoy the holiday!

~ Ar-Kelvar & Evil Lucario