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Goal #1 After Comp – Final Boss!

Even after getting a completionist cape, there’s still a lot to do to accomplish. Sure, they’re fairly player-driven and not something the game encourages, but digging deeper shows even more content to do.

Me? I’m going for Final Boss.

For the people that don’t know what Final Boss is, it’s a title that’s awarded by killing all 100 bosses in the game (normal and Hard modes are added up in a total). Currently out of that list, all I have left to do is 54 Barrows runs and 69 Fight Kiln.

In terms of estimated time? Well, each Barrows run takes 3 minutes and Kiln 25 minutes (AFKing it at least, concentrating takes 20 minutes). With 54 * 3 minutes + 69 * 25 minutes, that’s 1887 minutes, or roughly 31 hours.

Regardless, I hope to get it by the end of the month.

~ Evil Lucario



Combination Potions Review

What are combination potions? Like the name implies, they combine the effects of certain potions into one dose. Some are useless, but most others have extremely useful effects and can be much, much better than conventional potions.

There are 22 combination potions in total, but before you can make a potion, you must buy the recipe from the Meilyr clan, either from the workers or Lady Meilyr herself. Prices range from 100k to 1000k. 9 of those recipes, however, are lost; to unlock them, you need to go Dungeoneering after talking to Lady Meilyr about the missing recipes to randomly receive a recipe as an item on the floor, much like Dungeoneering keys. A recipe has a chance to spawn every time you open a door, and the chances of it appearing increase by 10% per level, bringing it to 1/320 at 120 Dungeoneering. Hard Mode floors triple the drop rate, so it increases up to 1/107 at 120. Only one recipe can spawn per floor.

Recipes are also available from consistent yak cards randomly received from the Gorajo hoardstalker in the 95 Dungeoneering resource dungeon in the Meilyr clan (guarantees one recipe per dungeon) and the motherload maw from the 115 Dungeoneering resource dungeon (randomly gives items to help with normal/trimmed completionist capes once per day). Finally, recipes can be simply bought from the reward trader for 500k tokens.

Creating combination potions requires a crystal flask (can be created from the Ithell clan) and 4-dose potions. The end result is a 6-dose potion. This raises up an interesting observation: you basically convert 4-dose potions to 6-dose flasks, which means you gain doses, saving money overall! As a result, almost all of these combination potions are more cost-effective than the conventional potions, barring a few exceptions.

As for the potions themselves, let’s take a closer look.

  • Grand potions

Ingredients: Super attack/strength/ranging/magic/defence + attack/strength/ranging/magic/defence
Prices: 100k

These come in grand attack, strength, defence, ranging, and magic ptions, and serve as the mid-point between super and extreme potions. For comparison, at a 99 stat, supers boost up to 112 and extremes boost to 116. Grand potions are right in-between at 114. The main selling point, however, is that they’re tradable, so they’re automatically a better choice over supers, provided the player in mind has a lower Herblore level. Overall, they’re just like any other single-stat potions we’re all familiar with, just the next best tradable option now.

  • Super Melee (requires Dungeoneering)

Ingredients: Super defence + attack + strength
Price: 150k

This potion is a super attack, strength, and defence in one. Though it’s tradable, it’s ultimately pointless because grand potions exist. Avoid using this and just cough up more money for grand potions.


  • Super warmaster’s potion

Ingredients: Super attack + strength + ranging + magic + defence
Price: 200k

Think the super Melee potion, but for all styles and not just Melee. It’s still not worth using over grand potions, so again skip these. However, they do have a tiny niche for Dagannoth Kings for those who don’t have overloads, so if you want to do Dagannoth Kings but lack the Herblore level for overloads, this is a decent choice.

  • Replenishment potion

Ingredients: Adrenaline potion + Super restore
Price: 200k

A combination of an adrenaline potion and super restore, these are extremely useful. In addition to acting as an adrenaline potion, it restores Prayer points and drained stats alongside, and who can say no to free Prayer alongside using an adrenaline potion? I know I can’t.

  • Wyrmfire potion

Ingredients: Super antifire + antifire
Price: 200k

A super antifire that protects against skeletal wyverns’s ice breath as well. I personally say “meh”, but if you kill lots of skeletal wyverns, it may be helpful. Even then, however, if you use Magic and stand far away enough, they won’t use their ice breath, so even with that perk, it’s limited. Avoid this potion.


  • Extreme brawler’s, sharpshooter’s, battlemage’s, and warmaster’s potion (requires Dungeoneering)

Ingredients: Extreme attack + strength + defence / Extreme ranging + defence / Extreme magic + defence / Extreme attack + strength + ranging + magic + defence
Prices: 300k (brawler’s, sharpshooter’s, battlemage’s)/400k (warmaster’s)

Think the above super melee and warmaster’s potions, except for extremes. The names correspond to the style they reference, and the warmaster’s variant is a melting pot of them all – basically, an overload that doesn’t refresh boosts. Not too useful as they’re just trailing behind overloads in level requirements.

  • Supreme potions

Ingredients: Extreme attack/strength/ranging/magic/defence + super attack/strength/ranging/magic/defence
Prices: 500k

But hold on! In addition to the above, we’re pushing the level limits with the next level of potions beyond extremes. These are the single-stat potions we know, and with a 99 stat, they boost up to 118. Not a bad jump at all, even though it’s only 2 levels. Despite that, though, these single-stat boosting potions aren’t worth making. Why? Well, read on.

  • Brightfire potion

Ingredients: Prayer renewal + Super antifire
Price: 600k

A cross between a Prayer renewal and super antifire, this is exactly what it says on the tin. This is useful at QBD, but not for much else. If you make these, keep at a low supply.


  • Super Prayer renewal potion

Ingredients: Prayer renewal + Prayer potion
Price: 750k

This is probably my second favorite combination potion, as this is a cross between a Prayer renewal and potion. You can probably guess why I love it from that description alone; this means an insane amount of Prayer restore per dose – the initial Prayer restore and the even better renewal effect. That’s simply amazing, but the thing that seals the deal is that it’s cheaper than normal Prayer renewals and tradable. If you’re still using normal renewals, stop now and switch! You won’t regret it at all.

  • Holy overload

Ingredients: Overload + Prayer renewal
Price: 700k

A mesh between a Prayer renewal and overload. It’s a great potion for places you’re planning to camp for a long, long time to conserve inventory space like Dagannoth Kings and GWD bosses. Slayer is also a great place to use them, since it’s at such a cheap price. Not much else to say.

  • Searing overload

Ingredients: Overload + Super antifire
Price: 700k

Combination of super antifire and overloads. Again, like brightfire potions, they’re good for QBD, but I also find good use for them with dragon tasks when doing Slayer, as I normally use the demon horn necklace + bonecrusher combination for unlimited Prayer.

  • Overload salve (requires Dungeoneering)

Ingredients: Overload + Super antifire + Antifire + Prayer renewal + Prayer potion + Super antipoison
Price: 800k

This is quite the interesting combination. With this salve, it’s a combination of a wyrmfire, super antipoison, super Prayer renewal, and overload potion, all in one. That’s quite the protection against a variety of sources, even though the only place that would be nice to have them all is KBD (poison and dragonfire). It’s just there for convenience against dragons or Araxxor (poison), but it’s still hilariously impractical to use. Stick to other combinations.

  • Supreme overload

Ingredients: Overload + super attack + strength + ranging + magic + defence
Price: 900k

Behold: my favorite combination potion out of the bunch! Basically, it’s an overload with the boost of a supreme potion. Obviously as the next level up for combat boosts, these are extremely useful for top-end PvM, and the super Prayer renewal and supreme overload combination may even be better than holy overloads in inventory management! Though it would also be expensive in price…

  • Supreme overload salve (requires Dungeoneering)

Ingredients: Supreme overload + Super antifire + Antifire + Prayer renewal + Prayer potion + Super antipoison
Price: 1000k

Basically an overload salve, but has the boost of a supreme overload instead of a normal overload. That’s it. However, this is better off over normal overload salves as it’s basically the only way to get the super Prayer renewal effect with the supreme overload like holy overloads. It also comes with extra benefits like antipoison and antifire as normal, so overall it’s the “best” potion in the game, but impractical in majority of instances.

  • Perfect plus (requires Dungeoneering)

Ingredients: Overload + harmony moss + crystal tree blossom
Price: 1000k

Unlike every other potion on the list, this is not a combat potion. Rather, this is a skilling potion with some benefits at Prifddinas. You get 3% bonus XP under the Voice of Seren, and gain the effects of all of the perfect juju potions, which are as follows:

– Perfect Woodcutting: 5% chance of double logs/chops from trees/ivy
– Perfect Farming: 25% chance of double harmony moss when fully harvesting from a harmony pillar, 5% chance of getting moss from checking a fully grown patch
– Perfect Mining: 10% chance of summoning a stone spirit to auto-smelting and banking of ores when mining and 10% bonus XP obtaining ores for the next few minutes
– Perfect Smithing: 10% chance of corrupted ore when smithing bars
– Perfect Agility: Guaranteed chance of one of two shortcuts to appear on Hefin Agility Course
– Perfect Prayer: 5% more XP from gilded altars and cleansing Seren stones
– Perfect Herblore: 10% additional chance to getting a Dungeoneering recipe when Dungeoneering (boosts to 1/291 chance at 120 Dungeoneering and 1/97 at Hard Mode), 5% more XP from making combination potions
– Perfect Dungeoneering: 5% bonus damage within Dungeoneering, and all skill doors within require two levels lower

Each dose lasts for 4 hours straight. Go nuts.

That covers all combination potions. I hope you learned a thing or two regarding these new additions to Herblore. Have fun and make sure you put some of these to use!

~ Evil Lucario

The Final Stretch to Completionist Status

The completionist cape – the ultimate goal for almost all players in RuneScape. And currently, I can almost taste it.

jagexlauncher 2015-01-10 23-43-57-510

As you can tell, the only requirement I have left is level 120 Dungeoneering and unlocking the rest of the combination potions in Prifddinas. The latter will be finished before 120 Dungeoneering, as the only recipes I have left require to be found in Dungeoneering first, then bought later on. As I’ll be spending the majority of my time at Dungeoneering, I will have many opportunities to unlock the remaining recipes and get it over with. Not to mention, there are other ways to get the recipes that require much less effort than the normal route, so it’s not a problem.

Now 120 Dungeoneering is sort of the same boat, but since it will take a long time to get to 120 from my current stat, I will have to focus the majority of my attention to actually training it.

jagexlauncher 2015-01-10 23-44-06-942

However, let’s do some math.

I currently have 44,058,329 XP needed for 120 Dungeoneering. Dungeoneering Daily Challenges normally gives around ~155k XP at my level, and with it extended it gives around ~310k. Add ~20k more from the two floors I do for the challenge to bring that up to ~330k XP per day just doing at least two floors. Sinkholes are also an available option for me to get good XP per day, as I average ~300k per day doing my daily Sinkholes. So ~630k XP per day with only small degree of effort: Divide 44,058,329 by 630,000 and I get 69.9 days until I get 120 Dungeoneering. With that in mind, I would get my completionist cape on March at the latest.

However, just doing a bit of dailies and therefore waiting for the 120 to pop up is boring in my opinion. Therefore, I’ve decided to take it into my hands to get at least 2,000,000 XP per day, so I can cut that amount to 22 days. It’s ambitious, but I desperately want that cape for its amazing combat boosts, so it’s time for some Dungeoneering first thing!

~ Evil Lucario

2014 Recap and 2015 Dreams

2014 is over already? Well, that was sudden.

It’s amazing, however. 2014 was probably the time I had the most fun in RuneScape. There was never a time where I didn’t want to log on – I just kept having a lot of fun daily, no matter what happened.

Regardless, 2014 was among the most productive times I had. Here’s a comprehensive list of all of my noteworthy achievements:

• 2400 total level
• Taskmaster unlocked
• Ascension crossbows made
• Maxing out player-owned ports (two sets of all superior items)
• Convincing Mod Pi to make some much-needed improvements to Melee
• Noxious staff bought
• Mastering almost every boss (bar Vorago and RotS)
• Soloed Nex for the first time

And finally…
• Max cape!

It may look a bit focused on combat, but getting 99 in all skills practically makes up for it all that other areas, and that doesn’t touch upon the others like Taskmaster and maxing ports out.

2015, so far, has already been shaping up for a great year. I bought a seismic set to truly have level 90 dual wield weapons, though I had to sell off my noxious staff to buy it. With it, however, I was able to learn how to do Vorago well – bomb tanking, in fact, which is basically being the person who tanks all of Vorago’s Magic attacks. Painful.

What about for 2015 goals? I know I have a bit of big things to achieve, so here’s mine:

• Completionist cape by February or March
• Some skills with 104m XP, notably Magic, Slayer, and Cooking
• Final Boss title
• All noxious weaponry
• Finishing up my collection of hydrix jewelry (reaper necklace)
• Solo Nex two kills a trip
• Solo the Kalphite King
• Master Vorago and RotS killing
• Setting quick records at various bosses (QBD and GWD in particular)
• Get pet forms in all Legiones, QBD, Dagannoth Kings, and Kalphite King

Seems like a lofty goal, but I’m committed to achieving them all. How about you guys? What are your 2015 goals?

~ Evil Lucario

Where I’ve Been – Where I’m Going

New year, new goals.

At the start of 2014 I made a thread on the goals which I would be pushing for in 2014. My how things have changed! And I’m pleased to say I’ve done every one of those goals except the 1,000 forum posts (I’m close though, 803).

2014 Final Stats


In 2014 alot of stuff got done, including a 120 (where did that come from?!). But now, lets raise the bar and see if I can get even more done for 2015.


-2,000 posts on the RuneScape forums, because why not?

-8 new 99s

-Complete Ritual of the Mahjarrat

-All Player Owned Port skills

-Own duel Ascensions


So. What are your goals?