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Achieving Completionist Cape on February 19th!

Title says all! On Thursday, February 19th, I will be achieving the Completionist cape on 16:00 Central Standard Time (CST) or 22:00 In-Game Time at Varrock Museum, right outside of it. You can find out when that time corresponds to you through this website.

Completionist #1

My current status at 2/8/15; gotta get grinding!

Completionist #2

I can almost taste the particles…

The follow-up post to this.

Hope to see you all there!

~ Evil Lucario


The Final Stretch to Completionist Status

The completionist cape – the ultimate goal for almost all players in RuneScape. And currently, I can almost taste it.

jagexlauncher 2015-01-10 23-43-57-510

As you can tell, the only requirement I have left is level 120 Dungeoneering and unlocking the rest of the combination potions in Prifddinas. The latter will be finished before 120 Dungeoneering, as the only recipes I have left require to be found in Dungeoneering first, then bought later on. As I’ll be spending the majority of my time at Dungeoneering, I will have many opportunities to unlock the remaining recipes and get it over with. Not to mention, there are other ways to get the recipes that require much less effort than the normal route, so it’s not a problem.

Now 120 Dungeoneering is sort of the same boat, but since it will take a long time to get to 120 from my current stat, I will have to focus the majority of my attention to actually training it.

jagexlauncher 2015-01-10 23-44-06-942

However, let’s do some math.

I currently have 44,058,329 XP needed for 120 Dungeoneering. Dungeoneering Daily Challenges normally gives around ~155k XP at my level, and with it extended it gives around ~310k. Add ~20k more from the two floors I do for the challenge to bring that up to ~330k XP per day just doing at least two floors. Sinkholes are also an available option for me to get good XP per day, as I average ~300k per day doing my daily Sinkholes. So ~630k XP per day with only small degree of effort: Divide 44,058,329 by 630,000 and I get 69.9 days until I get 120 Dungeoneering. With that in mind, I would get my completionist cape on March at the latest.

However, just doing a bit of dailies and therefore waiting for the 120 to pop up is boring in my opinion. Therefore, I’ve decided to take it into my hands to get at least 2,000,000 XP per day, so I can cut that amount to 22 days. It’s ambitious, but I desperately want that cape for its amazing combat boosts, so it’s time for some Dungeoneering first thing!

~ Evil Lucario

Livid Farming and My Road to Completion

So lately, I’ve been doing a lot of Completionist cape related things. Just yesterday, I’ve finished up every single task diary within the game, checking off one of many tasks required for it.

As of now, this is all that is required for me to get my Completionist cape:



Now I’m actually planning on getting 120 Dungeoneering last, but I discovered that Livid Farm is best done before 99 in all stats since it gives ample Farming and Magic experience. So at the moment, I’m doing that.

jagexlauncher 2014-07-02 14-01-07-612

So far, I have three¬†spells unlocked out of the eleven spells. and I’m planning on getting one spell per day, meaning I have over a week left of gameplay to finish up that spreads across over 32 remaining hours.

Ugh. Help me.